Search Current Deemed Entities

Please note that the search results are not a comprehensive list of all health center sites and search results are limited to current year only. (Thus, only a health center which is currently deemed will produce a positive search result.) It is strongly recommended that you check with the health center to confirm a particular entity.


Note, this search engine searches only for deemed grantees of record (i.e., the entity that receives Section 330 grant funding directly from HRSA and has been deemed a Public Health Service employee under Section 224).  Please be aware that grantees of record frequently provide services at multiple sites, i.e., there currently are more than 1100 grantees (not all of which are deemed) providing services at nearly 8000 individual health center sites.  Individual health center sites also may not carry the name of the grantee of record.  Therefore, those utilizing the search engine are hereby placed on notice that an individual search that does not retrieve the name of a specific health center site does not mean that the site is not deemed.  To ascertain whether a particular health center site is deemed, you must contact the health center and/or the BPHC Helpline.