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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
Primary Care: The Health Center Program

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Risk Management and Quality Improvement

HRSA is committed to a comprehensive approach to quality improvement/quality assurance that includes risk management. Risk Management policies are an integral part of a wide scale quality improvement program. To support health centers and free clinics HRSA has provided online risk management educational programs and resources. These resources address your top risk management issues, such as:

  • Communication—including test results reporting and tracking, e-mail, physician-to-physician communication, and patient education
  • Special patient concerns—newborns, minors, elderly, and pregnant patients
  • Obstetrical risk management

In this program you have access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, electronic newsletters, and web-based resources to help reduce risk in Health Centers and Free Clinics.  To access these resources, see more information to obtain a password and an overview of the Clinical Risk Management Services on the ECRI Institute website.

Clinical Risk Management Program Components

Key features of the risk management website include:

For more information about the ECRI Institute Clinical Risk Management Program provided on behalf of HRSA, visit, e-mail, or call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5200.

BPHC Helpline

If you have any questions regarding the FTCA Program or claims filing, please contact us online or via 
Phone: 1-877-974-BPHC (2742)
8:30 am to 5:30 pm ET, Monday through Friday

Clinical Risk Management Program

Access ECRI Institute's Clinical Risk Management Services to address your top risk management issues.