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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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Primary Care: The Health Center Program

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Budget Period Progress Report (BPR) Noncompeting Continuation

FY 2014 BPR Submission Schedule

Budget Period Start DateEHB AccessEHB Deadline
(5:00 PM ET)
November 1, 2013July 10, 2013August 14, 2013
December 1, 2013July 24, 2013September 11, 2013
January 1, 2014August 21, 2013October 2, 2013
February 1, 2014September 18, 2013October 30, 2013
March 1, 2014October 23, 2013December 4, 2013
April 1, 2014November 13, 2013January 8, 2014
May 1, 2014December 11, 2013February 5, 2014
June 1, 2014January 22, 2014March 5, 2014

About the Budget Period Progress Report (BPR)         

The Budget Period Progress Report (BPR) non-competing continuation provides an update on the progress of Health Center Program grantees who do not have a project period end date in FY 2014 (October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014). The BPR will provide funding for FY 2014 (budget periods starting November 1, 2013 – September 1, 2014).

New for FY 2014

  • Overall Streamlining: The BPR has been streamlined as part of an overall update to BPHC’s program oversight plan, which includes the introduction of a 3-year project period. The BPR will provide an annual progress report on a health center’s performance as well as a status update on any recent supplemental funding.
  • Attachments and Forms: The BPR no longer requires attachments. The only forms required for completion are the new Federal Object Class Categories form and Forms 2 and 3.
  • Program Narrative: The Program Narrative Update will be provided directly in EHB (it will no longer be an attached narrative document).
  • Budget Presentation: The Federal Object Class Categories form has been added to capture details on the federal and non-federal funding requested. The budget narrative must now present the budget by object class category for the upcoming budget period broken down by federal and non-federal categories rather than funding streams (i.e., CHC, MHC, HCH, PHPC).

How to Apply

Grantees will receive an email notification from the HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB) when the BPR is available for grantee input/submission. This will occur approximately six weeks prior to the EHB deadline. See the table above for details.

Technical Assistance Resources

Submission Components

These Program Specific Forms will be completed in EHB:


Program Information
René Herbert and Vesnier Lugo
HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care
Office of Policy and Program Development

Budget Information
Carolyn Testerman
HRSA Division of Grants Management Operations
Office of Federal Assistance Management

EHB Application Assistance
BPHC Helpline