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Primary Care: The Health Center Program

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Defining Scope of Project & Policy for Requesting Changes

Policy Information Notice 2008-01


The purpose of this Policy Information Notice (PIN) is to describe the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) policy for an approved scope of project for health centers funded under section 330 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act,1 the five components of an approved scope of project, and the policy and process for health centers seeking prior approval to make changes in the approved scope of project. This PIN supersedes PINs 2000-04 and 2002-07, “Scope of Project Policy.”


This PIN applies to all HRSA health service delivery grants awarded under section 330 of the PHS Act, including the Community Health Center, Migrant Health Center, Health Care for the Homeless, and Public Housing Primary Care Programs collectively referred to as “grantees” or “grantee health centers.” The grantee named on the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) is the entity legally accountable to HRSA for performance of the health center activities as detailed and documented in the application for section 330 funding. Please note that only the grantee of record (the organization named on the NGA) can request a change in the approved scope of project. Changes in scope involving subrecipients or subcontractors must be submitted by the grantee of record.2

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issued December 31, 2007
Last revised January 13, 2009