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Primary Care: The Health Center Program

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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Planning Learning Series

Tips for Implementing Your Quality Improvement Program

Jan Wilkerson, Georgia Primary Care Association, provides practical advice on implementing a quality improvement plan, including avoiding common pitfalls and linking with other quality-related efforts. You will learn how to:

Choose specific strategies for improvement.
Evaluate whether the improvement intervention is effective.
Make quality an organization-wide focus and spread the word about quality improvement.

How to Leverage Resources to Design a Successful Health Center Quality Improvement Program

Seiji Hayashi, chief medical officer of the HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care, outlines BPHC’s strategy to guide and support health center quality improvement planning. Ed Zuroweste and Candace Kugel, clinical consultants with years of health center experience, provide strategies for the team-building, goal-setting, and gap analysis necessary to design your quality improvement plan. They will also advise health centers on how to leverage the available resources to create a successful quality improvement infrastructure at your health center.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Quality Improvement Plans

The webinar provides an analysis of the quality improvement plans submitted with FTCA (Federal Tort Claims Act) deeming applications, background information on Section 330 core program requirements that relate to quality improvement, a summary of the seven elements of an effective quality improvement plan and ideas on how to link quality improvement planning with other quality-related activities.

Additional Health Care Risk Management and Quality Improvement Resources