Scope of Project

Health center maintains its funded scope of project (sites, services, service area, target population, and providers), including any increases based on recent grant awards.

Authority: 45 CFR Part 75.308

A health center’s scope of project defines the activities that are supported, all or in part, by Section 330 grant funds. Specifically, scope defines the

  • approved service sites,
  • services,
  • providers,
  • service area(s) and
  • target population(s).

For each health center, the Health Center Program approved scope of project must be consistent with statutory and regulatory requirements and the mission of the health center. Project scope evolves over time and expands each time a health center receives increased funding through new grant awards.

It is critical that health centers regularly review scope of project Forms 5A, 5B and 5C in EHB to ensure they are up to date and accurate. It is also important that health centers review all Policy Information Notices (PINs) and Program Assistance Letters (PALs) linked from this page in order to understand scope of project, including the Change in Scope process.

Health centers are reminded to consider the impact of a Change in Scope request and to ensure the accuracy of their scope of project for the purposes of Medicaid and Medicare FQHC reimbursement, FTCA coverage (eligible to grantees only), and 340B Drug Pricing Program benefits, as appropriate. While identification within a scope of project is required for participation in these programs, it is not a guarantee that these benefits will be realized. Each of these programs has a specific application process and a comprehensive set of requirements, of which scope of project is only one.  

Change in Scope

When does a health center need to submit a Change in Scope request?

Change in Scope (CIS) requests must be submitted on-line through EHB at least 60 days before you intend to implement a change that would

  • add a new service or service delivery site,
  • terminate an existing service or service delivery site, or
  • add a new target population.

Change in Scope requests require different levels of review. Please see the following documents for further information: Updating Form 5A and Updating Form 5B.

Preparing a Change in Scope Request

  1. Read the CIS EHB User Guide (PDF - 4 MB) for detailed information on the submission process.
  2. For formal CIS requests, review PAL 2014-10: Updated Process for Change in Scope Submission, Review and Approval Timelines.
  3. Download the sample forms and instructions below to help you gather the information and documentation necessary to submit the CIS request through EHB. Do not submit these sample forms. These are printable previews of the on-line forms in EHBs.
  4. Complete and submit the official forms on-line through EHB. 

Instructions, Sample Forms, and Resources

The forms below are printable previews of the on-line forms in EHB and are provided to help gather the information and documentation necessary to submit the CIS request through EHB. Please do not submit these forms. Use them as reference, but complete and submit the forms on-line through EHB.

Financial Impact Guidelines and Analysis required for all formal Change in Scope requests



Target Population

Other Activities

Verification and Maintenance

Once a formal Change in Scope request has been submitted, reviewed and approved, the health center must verify that the change has been implemented. The Notice of Award (for grantees), or the HRSA notification (for look-alikes), approves the Change in Scope and provides instructions for verification.

Policies & Procedures

Change in Scope Request

PIN 2008-01: Defining Scope of Project & Policy for Requesting Changes (PDF - 224 KB)

PIN 2009-03: Technical Revision to PIN 2008-01, Defining Scope of Project & Policy for Requesting Changes (PDF - 246 KB)

PAL 2010-10: Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike Program Implementation of Electronic Information Systems for Submission of Requests for Change in Scope of Project (PDF - 63 KB)

PAL 2013-03: Alignment of EHB Change in Scope Module with Change in Scope Policy (PDF - 362 KB)

PAL 2014-10: Updated Process for Change in Scope Submission, Review and Approval Timelines (PDF - 126 KB)

Service Changes

PIN 2009-02: Specialty Services & Health Centers’ Scope of Project (PDF - 2.3 MB)

PAL 2012-06: Alignment of Communicable Diseases Screenings under Form 5A: Services Provided (PDF - 224 KB)

Site Changes

PIN 2007-09: Service Area Overlap: Policy & Process

PAL 2011-07: Sites, Scope of Project, and Capital Projects (PDF - 437 KB)

PAL 2014-05: Change in Scope Requests to Add Temporary Sites in Response to Emergency Event

Target Population Changes

PIN 2009-05: Policy for Special Populations-Only Grantees Requesting a Change in Scope to Add a New Target Population (PDF - 80 KB)

Verification and Maintenance

Scope Alignment Validation Follow-Up Actions (PDF - 111 KB)

PAL 2009-11: New Scope Verification Process (PDF - 38 KB)

PAL 2014-07: Scope Alignment Validation in HRSA Electronic Handbooks (PDF - 140 KB)

PAL 2014-06: Documenting Scope of Project in Updated Forms 5A and 5B (PDF - 178 KB)

Policy Information Notices (PINS) articulate policies and procedures health centers must follow. Program Assistance Letters (PALS) explain processes and procedures of importance to health centers.

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