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HRSA-funded health centers across the nation have distinguished themselves in promoting public health and providing primary care services in underserved areas. The examples below provide a snapshot of the exemplary work health centers have carried out across the country.

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Expanding Mental Health Services in Puerto Rico

Topic: Mental Health
State: Puerto Rico
Publication Date:
Sometimes throwing a big party is the best way to start something new. The Community Health Foundation of Puerto Rico in Bayamòn recently unveiled expanded mental health services with a bash that included food and music.

Integrating Care for Mothers and Children

Topic: Maternal Health
State: New York
Publication Date:
Some mothers in the Bronx are so busy caring for their children and working that they neglect to care for themselves.  Concerned staff members at Union Community Health Center in New York are responding with a new health care model.  They will try to bring moms and kids in simultaneously.

Taking the Notion of Comfort Food to New Heights

Topic: Community Outreach
State: Iowa
Publication Date:
An apple a day is not enough to relieve depression, but a small experiment at an Iowa health center revealed that healthy food has a positive impact.

Alaska Health Center Scrambles to Keep Up with Flood of New Patients

Topic: Community Outreach
State: Alaska
Publication Date:
When a senior health clinic abruptly closed earlier this year, thousands of elderly residents suddenly found themselves without access to primary health care. It did not take long before telephone call volume rose dramatically at the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center.

Massachusetts Health Center Takes Mental Health Screening on the Road

Topic: Community Outreach
State: Massachusetts
Publication Date:
The Roxbury section of Boston is home to a new effort to increase mental health and substance use screenings. The Whittier Street Health Center now routinely offers screenings in four mobile vans that make the rounds of a network of churches, schools and public housing developments.

Health Center Using Virtual Behavioral Health Measurement Tool

Topic: Telehealth
State: Connecticut
Publication Date:
Community Health Center, Inc. (CHCI) provides primary care to more than 100,000 patients a year in Connecticut. The center delivers integrated behavioral health services in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, school-based locations and 15 primary care sites.

Elaborate Training is Key to Hiring and Retention

Topic: Health Center Staff
State: Alabama
Publication Date:
Health centers often face enormous challenges in attracting and keeping a skilled workforce, but Cahaba Medical Care in Alabama has found that extensive training programs have helped to bring in a wide array of employees.

A Health Center for all Seasons

Topic: Emergency Response
Publication Date:
Residents of Buffalo take some of the worst winter storms in the U.S. in stride, but the blizzard of December 2022 shut the city down and caused dozens of deaths.

Improving Mental Health Services for Children

Topic: Mental Health
State: Michigan
Publication Date:
Genesee Health System, a public mental health service provider, recently opened a new center dedicated to children’s mental health.

Delivering Mental Health Services in Person and Online

Topic: Mental Health
State: California
Publication Date:
Adopting a “hybrid” approach to mental health services has allowed United Health Centers in Fresno, California, to greatly expand its outreach.