BPHC REACH: Reaching for Excellence & Advancing Community Health

BPHC REACH: Reaching for Excellence & Advancing Community HealthWe’re changing our Bureau. BPHC REACH will help us achieve these goals:

  1. Identify and test new ways to accomplish our mission
  2. Reduce effort by staff and health centers
  3. Improve use of resources and tools

This has been a multi-year effort. We gathered input from health centers and strategic partners. Now we’re starting to take new approaches.


  • Become a "best place to work."
    • Organize operations to better use staff expertise.
    • Grow the next generation of leaders.
  • Comply with program requirements.
    • Simplify program requirement assessments. 
    • Promote continuous compliance.
    • Reduce burden on grantees and staff.
  • Implement grants successfully.
    • Provide more support to health centers as they use funding.
    • Produce better outcomes for patients and communities.
  • Create high-performing grantees.
    • Develop a new framework for assessing how health centers perform.
    • Tailor technical assistance to help grantees improve.
  • Be recognized as leader in primary health care.
    • Lead a national dialogue on primary care for our target groups.
    • Establish new priorities and actions in the field.

How we continue to improve

  • Made changes to how we organize our Bureau. These are part of agency changes.
  • Added new functions and teams.
    • Support maximizing the impact of program funds
    • Activate health center innovation and learning communities
  • Increasing our ability to conduct data analytics.
    • Run them regularly
    • Ensure they’re advanced and thorough
    • The Office of Strategic Business Operations will be the center of this activity.
  • Boosting staff talents and expertise.
    • Meet the needs of our grantees
    • Promote staff development
  • Changing how we monitor health centers.
    Shift from geographic, generalist to a specialized, functional approach.
    • The Office of Health Center Program Monitoring will ensure health centers meet or exceed requirements.
    • The Office of Health Center Investment Oversight will focus on supplemental funding. They’ll support health centers in achieving the intended outcomes.
  • The names of our Offices of Policy and Program Development and Quality Improvement won’t change.
  • These four offices will promote innovation and performance. They have multiple aims: To improve outcomes. To increase health equity. To reduce health disparities.
  • We describe all of our offices on Career Opportunities.
  • Focusing on employees' experience.
    The Division of Administrative Operations is now the Division of Workforce Management. Promoting excellence in operations. 

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Date Last Reviewed:  October 2021