2013 Uniform Data System Reporting Changes for Look-Alikes


This Program Assistance Letter (PAL) provides information on the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) changes to data requirements for calendar year (CY) 2013 Uniform Data System (UDS), to be reported by Health Center Program look-alikes in early 2014.

The changes to the look-alike UDS reporting for CY 2013 include Health Center Program-wide changes aligned with PAL 2013-02, Uniform Data System Changes for 2013, and additional changes unique to look-alikes. These changes will improve data quality by allowing HRSA to record program changes, track program performance, and better assess unmet healthcare needs.


A. Changes Aligned with PAL 2013-02

Look-alikes will be required to comply with the changes outlined in PAL 2013-02, including:

  1. Revisions to two clinical measures, and
  2. Reporting patients by zip codes, insurance source, and age categories.

B. Changes Unique to Look-Alikes

In addition to the above, new reporting requirements for look-alikes include:

  1. Data on managed care utilization, migratory and seasonal agricultural workers, and homeless patients; and
  2. Health status indicators by race and ethnicity.

The table below provides information on the UDS data tables and the associated change in reporting requirements. A draft of each table is available on the look-alike technical assistance page.

ZIP CODE Look-alikes and grantees will report patient zip codes by insurance source.
4-SELECTED PATIENT CHARECTERISTICS Look-alikes will report data on managed care utilization and migrant and seasonal, or homeless patients. Look-alikes and grantees will report age categories from 0-19 years and 20 years and older to match the census categories 0-17 years and 18 years and older.
6B-QUALITY OF CARE INDICATORS Look-alikes and grantees will report two revised clinical measures (see Uniform Data System Changes for 2013).
7-HEALTH OUTCOMES AND DISPARITIES Look-alikes will report 2013 data by race and ethnicity.


Date Last Reviewed:  August 2018

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