North Carolina Health Center COVID-19 Survey Summary Report

Latest data from May 22, 2020

Number of Health Center respondents = 18 (46% of all Health Centers)

Data represents information provided by health centers from a single, specified reporting date. Summary information across report dates is not comparable due to differences in which health centers responded for a given report date.

Patient Testing

Metrics Value
Health Centers with COVID-19 Testing Capacity 88.89%
Health Centers with COVID-19 Drive-Up/Walk Up Testing Capacity1 62.50%

Average Turnaround Time for COVID-19 Test Results1

Metrics Value
Less Than 1 Hour 6.25%
12 Hours or Less 0.00%
24 Hours 37.50%
2-3 Days 43.75%
4-5 Days 6.25%
More Than 5 Days 6.25%

Number of Patients Tested

Metrics Value
Patients Tested for COVID-19 1,163
Racial and/or Ethnic Minority Patients Tested for COVID-19 56.66%
Patients Tested Positive for COVID-19 170
Racial and/or Ethnic Minority Patients Tested Positive for COVID-19 72.35%

Patients by Race and Ethnicity

Race/Ethnicity Patients Tested2 Patients Tested Positive2
White, Non-Hispanic/Latino Patients 34.57% 15.88%
White, Hispanic/Latino Patients 14.02% 29.41%
Black/African American, Non-Hispanic/Latino Patients 33.19% 24.12%
Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino Patients 3.61% 2.94%
Asian Patients3 1.38% 2.94%
American Indian/Alaska Native Patients3 1.03% 1.18%
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Patients3 1.63% 4.12%
Patients with More than one race3 0.77% 2.35%
Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity Patients (Unreported/Refused to report race) 1.03% 5.29%
Non-Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity Patients (Unreported/Refused to report race) 2.75% 0.59%
Unreported/Refused to Report Race and Ethnicity 6.02% 11.18%

Operations and Staff

Metrics Value
Health Center Weekly Visits Compared to Pre-COVID 19 Weekly Visits 55.28%
Health Center Sites Temporarily Closed 19
Staff Tested Positive for COVID-19 7
Health Center Staff Unable to Work (due to site/service closure, exposure, family/home obligations, lack of PPE, etc.) 10.28%
Average Percent of Health Center Visits Conducted Virtually 56.94%

Health Centers with an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the next week

Type of PPE Value
Surgical Masks 88.89%
N95/PPR Masks 83.33%
Gowns 72.22%
Gloves 94.44%
Face Masks/Goggles 88.89%

1 Only health centers that responded "yes" to having COVID-19 testing capacity are included, n=16.

2 Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding to the hundredths.

3 Includes Hispanic/Latino and Non-Hispanic/Latino.

Date Last Reviewed:  May 2020