Fiscal Year 2021 State and Regional Primary Care Association (PCA) Cooperative Agreements Non-Competing Continuation: Progress Update Tip Sheet


In the FY 2020 Progress Update, you will report numeric progress toward your targets, along with narrative progress for activities you proposed to conduct in the first 12 months of the period of performance (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021). Appendix B in the PCA Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) progress report instructions on the PCA TA webpage contains instructions for completing editable FY 2020 Progress Update fields. Base your calculations on numeric progress achieved July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

Current Numerator and Denominator

Current data is self-reported for all Objectives. Utilize data that are valid, reliable, and whenever possible, derived from current state or regional-level data sources. Appendix A: Goals and Objectives Development Guide explains how to calculate the Current Numerator and Current Denominator. In your FY 2020 PCA application, you may have used the Baseline Data Source field to define terms from Appendix A (e.g., strategic development, specific readiness scales, comprehensive work plans, social determinants of health). If this is the case, use the same definition when calculating your Current Numerator and Current Denominator.

Formal T/TA Session Current Numeric Progress

Provide the number of formal T/TA sessions completed as of December 31, 2020. T/TA considered formal is scheduled, structured, and has specific objectives and outcomes. Do not count T/TA sessions that do not meet these criteria in your calculations.

Participation Target Current Numeric Progress

Report the number of health center representatives that participated across all formal T/TA sessions as of December 31, 2020. Count individuals who participated in more than one T/TA session for each session they attended (e.g., an individual that attended three formal T/TA sessions would count as three).

Participant Satisfaction and Behavior Change Target Current Numeric Progress

Report Participant Satisfaction and Behavior Change Target Current Numeric Progress based on the average (mean) of all formal T/TA session participant surveys administered that assess T/TA activities conducted July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Your surveys should use a five-point satisfaction rating scale, where a score of five represents the highest level of satisfaction or behavior change. Include two decimal points in your progress reporting. Do not include scores that used a different assessment methodology.

Because Behavior Change surveys occur three to six months after T/TA was conducted, you may have limited data to report. If you have not conducted any Behavior Change surveys, enter “0” for your Participant Behavior Change Target Current Numeric Progress, and indicate that no surveys have been conducted in your progress narrative.

Special Considerations for Participant Satisfaction and Behavior Change Target Current Progress Narrative

When completing the progress narratives for Participant Satisfaction and Participant Behavior Change, explain your survey methodology, including:

  • How your T/TA evaluation strategy supports gathering data to inform these targets.
  • How you maximized your response rate.
  • How you assured follow-up survey respondents represent the variety of health centers in your state or region.
  • The timing and frequency of your survey administration, based on the type of T/TA and magnitude of change measured.
  • The preferred T/TA delivery methods of the existing and potential health centers in the state or region and what has been possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Date Last Reviewed:  December 2020