Patient and Budget Calculator

This calculator is a planning tool for Service Area Competition (SAC)/SAC-Additional Area applicants to determine the allowable funding request based on the applicant's unduplicated number of patients projected to be served in a single calendar year as reported on Form 1A: General Information Worksheet of the application.


Reference the Service Area Announcement Table (SAAT) to obtain the service area Patient Target and Total Funding amount. Enter values in steps 1 through 3, and click "Calculate" below.

1. Input the service area Patient Target from the SAAT:

2. Input the projected number of unduplicated patients to be served by 12/31/2024, as entered on Form 1A of the application:

Calculated percentage of the Patient Target projected to be served (to maintain eligibility, this cannot be less than 75%):

3. Input the service area Total Funding amount from the SAAT:

Calculated maximum allowable amount of federal funding request, as entered on the SF-424A of the application: #1 - reduction %

1 Requested federal funding entered on the SF-424A must not exceed this amount.