Patient and Budget Calculator

This calculator is a planning tool for SAC/SAC-AA applicants to determine the allowable funding request based on the unduplicated number of patients projected to be served on Form 1A: General Information Worksheet of the application.


Reference the applicable Service Area Announcement Table (SAAT) for the service area Patient Target and Total Funding amount, and click "Calculate" below.

1. Input the service area Patient Target from the SAAT:

2. Input the service area Patient Target from the SAAT or Appendix D of the FOA, as applicable:

Calculate percentage of Patient Target to be served: #2/#1

3. Input the service area Total Funding amount from the SAAT:

Calculate maximum allowable amount of federal funding request, as entered on the SF-424A of the application: #1 - reduction %

1 To maintain eligibility, this cannot be less than 75%.
2 Requested federal funding entered on the SF-424A must not exceed this amount.