Health Center Quality Improvement FY 2017 Grant Awards (August 2017)

Total Funding to Rhode Island: 8 awards totaling $1,006,257
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Reporters 1 Awards: 6 awards totaling $63,000
Clinical Quality Improver 2 Awards: 6 awards totaling $87,971
Health Center Quality Leader 3 Awards: 7 awards totaling $241,612
National Quality Leader 4 Awards: 1 awards totaling $33,799
Enhancing Access to Care 5 Awards: 5 awards totaling $89,250
Delivering High Value Health Care 6 Awards: 0 awards totaling $0
PCMH Recognition 7 Awards: 8 awards totaling $320,000
Addressing Health Disparities 8 Awards: 4 awards totaling $170,625

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Health Center GranteeStateElectronic Health Record (EHR) Reporters 1Clinical Quality Improvers 2Health Center Quality Leaders 3National Quality Leaders 4Enhancing Access to Care 5Delivering High Value Health Care 6Addressing Health Disparities 8Achieving PCMH Recognition 7
BLACKSTONE VALLEY COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE, INC.RI$10,500$12,280$30,131$0$21,000$0$52,500$35,000
COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY ACTION, INC.RI$0$10,874$33,975$0$5,250$0$0$45,000
EAST BAY COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAMRI$10,500$8,339$26,190$0$21,000$0$21,000$35,000
NORTHWEST COMMUNITY HEALTH CARERI$10,500$0$33,799$33,799$0$0$0$40,000
PROVIDENCE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS, INC., THERI$10,500$37,241$45,641$0$21,000$0$63,000$65,000
THUNDERMIST HEALTH CENTERRI$10,500$0$47,407$0$0$0$0$40,000
TRI-TOWN ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COMMITTEERI$10,500$9,468$0$0$21,000$0$34,125$30,000
WOOD RIVER HEALTH SERVICES, INC.RI$0$9,769$24,469$0$0$0$0$30,000

1 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Reporters - employed EHRs to report on all clinical quality measures (CQM) data for all of the health center's patients.
2 Clinical Quality Improvers - demonstrated notable improvement in one or more CQMs between 2015 and 2016.
3 Health Center Quality Leaders - achieved the best overall clinical performance among all health centers.
4 National Quality Leaders - exceeded national clinical quality benchmarks, including Healthy People 2020 goals, for chronic disease management, preventive care, and perinatal/prenatal care.
5 Enhancing Access to Care - increased the total number of patients served and the number of patients receiving comprehensive services between 2015 and 2016.
6 Delivering High Value Health Care - delivered better, smarter, healthier care by improving cost efficient care delivery compared to the national average while also increasing quality of care and improving access to comprehensive services.
7 Achieving PCMH Recognition - went to health centers that achieved PCMH recognition for their service delivery sites.
8 Addressing Health Disparities - met or exceeded Healthy People 2020 goals by each race/ethnic group, or made marked advances in moving each race/ethnic group towards the Healthy People 2020 goals.