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Board Authority
Board Composition

Board Authority

Board Project Director (PD)/CEO Responsibilities (PDF - 25 KB)

Board Committee Guidelines (PDF - 54 KB)

Board Functions and Responsibilities (PDF - 29 KB)

Checklist for Health Center Bylaws (PDF - 99 KB)

Corporate Responsibility & Health Care Quality - A Resource exit icon (PDF - 336 KB)

Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Compliance exit icon (PDF -126 KB)

Governing Board Handbook exit icon (PDF - 2 MB)

Integrated Approach to Corporate Compliance exit icon (PDF - 2 MB)

OIG Compliance Program for Individual and Small Groups Physician Practices exit icon

Sample Board of Directors Governance Policy Manual (PDF - 128 KB)

Sample Board Self Evaluation (PDF -7.2 MB)

Sample Board Self Evaluation - Delaware (PDF - 27 KB)

Sumter Family Health Center Board of Directors-Self Evaluation (PDF - 47 KB)

Sample Succession Planning Manual - (DOC - 20 KB)

Sample Succession Planning Policy (DOC - 18 KB)

Sample Succession Planning Work-plan (DOC - 18 KB)

Sample Table of Contents for Board Policy Manual (PDF - 32 KB)

Board Composition

Code of Conduct for Board Members (PDF - 32 KB)

Governing Board Handbook exit icon (PDF - 2 MB)

Recruitment, Retention and Development of Board Members (PDF - 24 KB)

Sample Board Education, Training and Needs Survey (DOC - 21 KB)

Sample Board Member Application - Ochoco (PDF - 20 KB)

Sample Board Member Application - Sumter (PDF - 25 KB)

Sample Board Member Expectations (PDF - 25 KB)

Sample Standards of Conduct for Board Members (PDF - 559 KB)


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