FY 2021 SAC-AA Service Area Announcement Table

(Results include all service areas that contain the requested zip code.)

Filter for service areas where the current award recipient is in a 2nd consecutive 1-year project period.


  • New and competing supplement applicants must enter zip codes in the Service Area Zip Codes field of Form 5B: Service Sites that are:
    • A combination of service area zip codes where zip code patient percentages total at least 75 percent, or
    • All service area zip codes for the proposed service area, if the sum of all zip code patient percentages is less than 75 percent.
  • The total number of unduplicated patients projected to be served in calendar year 2022 (January 1 – December 31, 2022) entered on Form 1A: General Information Worksheet must be at least 75 percent of the Patient Target.
  • Patients must be projected on Form 1A: General Information Worksheet for each Service Type (e.g., Medical, Mental Health, Enabling) listed for the service area.
  • Green shading on zip codes indicates the current award recipient’s defined service area from Form 5B: Service Sites.
  • Yellow shading represents a service area where the current award recipient is in a first 1-year period of performance.
  • Pink shading represents a service area where the current award recipient is in a second consecutive 1-year period of performance. These service areas are in jeopardy of having a gap in Health Center Program funding and services, if HRSA does not receive an eligible, fundable application. Information on the period of performance for all award recipients is available on the Health Center Program Awardee Data webpage.
  • Potential changes to Available Funding in the SAAT – Available Funding for a service area has the potential to change slightly as FY 2020 funding actions are completed. Check the SAAT prior to submitting the application in EHBs to confirm the final FY 2021 funding amount and support submission of an accurate budget request.


Accessibility Statement:

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in these files. For assistance, contact Health Center Program Support at: 877-464-4772.

1 The City is the current grantee's administrative site location.