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Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

HRSA supports the well-being of health center staff across the country. In the fall of 2022, we will sponsor a national Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey. It will be open to full- and part-time staff across HRSA-supported health centers.

Purpose and Goals

What is the survey’s purpose?

Workforce well-being is a priority of the HHS Health Workforce Strategic Plan (PDF - 779 KB). A U.S. Surgeon General’s advisory also focuses on burnout. Both detail goals that promote the nation’s health. Our initiative supports those goals.

The survey will measure workforce well-being, satisfaction, and burnout across all health center job categories.

Through this survey, staff feedback will inform our workforce well-being initiatives and technical assistance.

Added: 8/26/2022

How will the data be used?

The data will inform HRSA’s program and policy development and training and technical assistance development. We will also share information with our technical assistance partners.

We will analyze data at state, regional, and national levels. We will do comparisons along other metrics (e.g., health center size, staffing, and provider type, etc.).

Each health center will receive a dashboard of its survey data. This dashboard is for the health center to use for its own quality improvement. It will include averages of the responses for that health center. It will not include a list of survey respondents. It will not include individual responses.

HRSA will only use individual health center dashboards for targeted technical assistance. This information will not be used for funding or compliance assessments.

Added: 8/26/2022

Within 60 days of survey closure

Each health center will receive access to a dashboard. It will include a summary of the initial results for that health center. It may include comparisons to larger groups of respondents. For example:

  • 35% of Health Center X’s staff are experiencing burnout.
  • 45% of staff in State Y are experiencing burnout.
  • 37% of all survey respondents nationally are experiencing burnout.

Within six months of survey closure

  • Each health center will receive access to a dashboard. It will include a summary of the final results for that health center. It will compare those results to national, regional, and state averages.
  • HRSA will share state, regional, and national dashboards with technical assistance partners. These will analyze data by job categories and demographics.

We encourage health center leadership to share the results with their staff.

Added: 8/26/2022

General Information

How many questions are on the survey?
The survey covers 20 topics with 5-7 questions in each for a total of 148 questions.
Added: 8/26/2022
How much time does the survey take?
Pilot tests showed the survey takes staff about 25-30 minutes to complete.
Added: 8/26/2022
Who is conducting the survey?
HRSA is working with a contractor, John Snow, Inc. (JSI), on this effort. JSI worked with HRSA and HRSA partners, health center leaders, and health center staff to develop the survey.
Added: 8/26/2022


When does the survey start and end?

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is reviewing the survey.

Within two weeks of OMB approval, JSI will issue the survey. It will go to groups of health centers in waves over two months. This will allow JSI to better support health centers with survey administration.

Staff have 30 days to respond once a health center receives the survey. JSI will send three reminders throughout the survey period.

Added: 8/26/2022

Staff Concerns

How will I know that the survey is not SPAM?

Your health center leader should notify you ahead of the survey’s arrival. Not only to help you understand what to expect, but to encourage participation.

JSI will provide health center leaders with promotional and educational materials. This includes sharing a Health Center Leadership Engagement Toolkit.

Added: 8/26/2022

Is participation voluntary?
Yes. Everyone has good ideas about their well-being. The more people that respond, the better the quality of the survey data will be. Health centers with a higher response rate will have greater trust in the survey results.
Added: 8/26/2022
Is the survey confidential?

Each potential survey respondent will have a unique survey link. There will be no way to associate a specific person with the results. JSI will keep participants and answers confidential. They will make sure the data cannot be linked to any one person.

Each health center will receive a dashboard of its data. This dashboard will include averages of all responses. It will NOT include:

  • Names of survey respondents
  • Detailed job titles or demographics that could be used to identify individuals
  • Individual responses

This survey process adheres to the Privacy Act.

Added: 8/26/2022

What if I can't finish the survey in one sitting?
The survey will save your progress. You can use the email invitation to resume the survey.
Added: 8/26/2022
Can I see the survey questions before I take the survey?

See a complete list of survey questions in the following documents:

Added: 8/26/2022

What if I do not use a computer for my job? Can I take the survey using a paper copy?

You can copy the link from your email invitation and paste it into a web browser on any device.

If you have technical problems, you can contact the JSI support line at or call 833-408-3322.

Added: 8/26/2022

I would prefer to take the survey in Spanish. Is that possible?
Yes. The survey is offered in English and Spanish. When the survey opens, the first question asks if you prefer English or Spanish.
Added: 8/26/2022
I have a disability that will impact taking the survey. What support is available?
The survey complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Screen reading software or other assistive tools can be used with it. While taking the survey, you may ask for technical support.
Added: 8/26/2022
How do I get technical support when taking the survey?
Contact JSI with any questions or concerns at or call 833-408-3322.
Added: 8/26/2022

Health Center Concerns

Can health centers see the survey questions before they decide to participate?

See a complete list of survey questions in the following documents:

Added: 8/26/2022

Can I use H80 grant funds for staff time used to complete the survey?
Yes. HRSA-funded health centers can use H80 grant funds for staff time to complete the survey.
Added: 8/26/2022
What happens if a health center doesn't agree to participate in the survey?

Participation is optional for health centers and for staff. Health centers that do not participate will miss:

  • The opportunity to add their staff’s perspectives to this national review of health center workforce well-being. As a reminder, the results will shape HRSA’s development of programs, policy, and technical assistance.
  • The opportunity to see strengths and needs for improvement compared to other health centers. Non-participants will not have access to the dashboards discussed in the previous question, "How will the data be used?".

Added: 8/26/2022

Will there be negative consequences for not participating or if results are poor?

No. There will be no consequences from HRSA for health centers or staff who do not participate. The survey is not required under any federal regulation or Health Center Program requirements.

Neither participation nor the results will be used for funding or compliance assessments.

Added: 8/26/2022

Is this a one-time survey or will the survey be administered again in the future?
Survey results will shape future HRSA technical assistance offerings and broad national strategies to address workforce well-being. HRSA intends to administer the survey again after these activities have been implemented.
Added: 8/26/2022
What if I have other questions?
Share questions via the BPHC Contact Form or call 877-464-4772 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday (except federal holidays).
Added: 8/26/2022
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