Health Center Health Information Technology (HIT) Capabilities

Louisiana Data

Tables 3A through 9E

34 Grantees

Line Measures Number of Health centers % of Total
1. Health centers that have an EHR installed and in use
1a. Yes, installed at all sites and used by all providers 34  100.00% 
1b. Yes, but only installed at some sites or used by some providers 0.00% 
  Total Health centers with EHR installed (Sum 1a+1b) 34  100.00% 
1c. Health centers who will install the EHR system in 3 months 0.00% 
1d. Health centers who will install the EHR system in 6 months 0.00% 
1e. Health centers who will install the EHR system in 1 year or more 0.00% 
1f. Health centers who have Not Planned on installing the EHR system 0.00% 
  Total Health centers with No EHR installed
(sum 1c+1d+1e+1f)
0  0.00% 
Total Health centers reported 34  100.00% 
2. Does your center send prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically? (Do not include faxing)    
a.  Yes 34  100.00% 
b.  No 0.00% 
c.  Not Sure 0.00% 
3. Does your center use computerized, clinical decision support such as alerts for drug allergies, checks for drug-drug interations, reminders for preventive screening tests, or other similar functions?    
a.  Yes 34  100.00% 
b.  No 0.00% 
c.  Not Sure 0.00% 
4. Does your center exchange clinical information electronically with other key providers/health care settings such as hospitals, emergency rooms, or subspecialty clinicians?    
  a.  Yes 27  79.41% 
  b.  No 20.59% 
  c.  Not Sure 0.00% 
5. Does your center engage patients through health IT such as patient portals, kiosks, secure messaging (i.e., secure email) either through the EHR or through other technologies?    
  a.  Yes 32  94.12% 
  b.  No 5.88% 
  c.  Not Sure 0.00% 
6. Does your center use the EHR or other health IT system to provide patients with electronic summaries of office visits or other clinical information when requested?    
  a.  Yes 34  100.00% 
  b.  No 0.00% 
  c.  Not Sure 0.00% 
7. How do you collect data for UDS clinical reporting (Tables 6B and 7)?    
  a.  We use the EHR to extract automated reports 21  61.76% 
  b.  We use the EHR but only to access individual patient charts 0.00% 
  c.  We use the EHR in combination with another data analytic system 13  38.24% 
  d.  We do not use the EHR 0.00% 
8. Are your eligible providers participating in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Incentive Program commonly known as "Meaningful Use"?   
  a.  Yes 28  82.35% 
  b.  No 11.76% 
  c.  Not Sure 5.88% 
8a. If yes (a or b), at what stage of Meaningful Use (MU) are the majority (more than half) of your participating providers attested (i.e., what is the stage for which they most recently received incentive payments)?
  a. Received MU for Modified Stage 2 23  82.14% 
  b. Received MU for Stage 3 7.14% 
  c. Not sure 10.71% 
8b. If no (c only), are your eligible providers planning to participate? 0.00% 
9. Does your center use health IT to coordinate or to provide enabling services such as outreach, language translation, transportation, case management, or other similar services?   
  a. Yes 25  73.53% 
  b. No 26.47% 

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