National Data

Each year HRSA health center grantees are required to report core set of information that is appropriate for monitoring and evaluating performance and for reporting on annual trends. The UDS is the vehicle used by BPHC to obtain this information. Uniform Data System contains the following types of information:

  • Patient counts by age and gender, race, and ethnicity;
  • Patient counts by income level and third party insurance source.
  • Patient counts for special population groups (individuals experiencing homelessness, migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their family members)
  • Staff full-time equivalents by position, and encounters and patients by provider type and service type.
  • Data on selected primary diagnoses for medical visits and selected services provided
  • Data on prenatal care program pregnant and postpartum women patients and their newborn infants.
  • Direct and indirect expenses by cost center
  • Revenue from service to patients, including charges, collections and allowances by payor as well as sliding discounts and patient bad debt
  • Other revenue.

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