2014 Health Center Patient Survey Dashboard

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You appear to be viewing the dashboard on a narrow screen. At this screen size, the dashboard displays data in a table view with no confidence intervals. Viewing the dashboard on a larger screen, such as a desktop browser or tablet, will provide a more complete experience.

The dashboard is an interactive, user-friendly tool that health centers and other Health Center Program stakeholders can use to explore the Health Center Patient Survey results. It provides a quick glimpse into the survey data, supports some basic analysis, and gives insights into possible areas for quality improvement or future research. JavaScript is required for the dashboard to function, but it appears that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use the dashboard, or download the public-use data file for offline analysis. 

The HCPS is being administered in 2021. Check the HCPS page for more details.

Among all health center patients, percentage who report the outcome:

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Group Percent of Group Reporting Outcome 95% Confidence Interval for Percent of Group Reporting Outcome Size of Group in Population
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  1. For help using the dashboard, please see the dashboard user manual.
  2. Individual records in the 2014 Health Center Patient Survey public use data file are weighted so that estimates from the survey data are representative of the entire health center patient population. The calculation of 95% confidence intervals takes into account the complex sample design of the survey.
  3. Prevalence estimates do not appear in the dashboard when they are based on fewer than 50 survey responses, or their relative standard error is greater than 30%. Failure to meet these criteria is an indicator of poor statistical reliability.