Health Center Research and Evaluation


Through research and evaluation, HRSA can help improve the health of the nation's underserved communities and vulnerable populations. HRSA pursues research that examines new ways to improve access to quality health care. This research enhances HRSA’s understanding of how to achieve the following aims, and whether the Health Center Program is having an impact to:

  • Improve quality of health care and patient outcomes, and
  • Reduce health care costs for patients and the health care system.

One priority is evaluating the impact of specific policy or program shifts in access, quality, and cost of services. Health center research drives change and improvements for the Health Center Program and the patients health centers serve.

Health Center Library

Find promising practices, descriptions of quality improvement programs, and program evaluations. Search recent peer-reviewed articles classified under three broad themes: Access, Quality, and Cost. Access journal articles related to the Health Center Program.

Health Center Patient Survey

Explore the Health Center Patient Survey data. Obtain a rich and detailed portrait of health center patients via a public use file, dashboard, or both.

Health Center Fast Stats

Fast Stats highlight the positive impact of HRSA funded health centers by providing a quick overview of a specific health issue or target population.

Date Last Reviewed:  May 2019