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Optimizing Virtual Care (OVC)

Learn about the OVC awards and resources to improve virtual care.

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About the award

Twenty-nine health centers received fiscal year (FY) 2022 OVC funding. This one-time funding helps you develop, implement, and evaluate new strategies for virtual care. These strategies will help you increase access to care and improve clinical quality.

Quality Improvement Fund

OVC is part of the Health Center Quality Improvement Fund (QIF). QIF supports you to pilot and test new ideas. You propose ideas to improve primary care. Using QIF funding, you test ideas and learn from each other. Solutions can then be shared and scaled across the Health Center Program.

See the Quality Improvement Fund – Maternal Health webpage for information on other QIF awards.

Technical assistance

Get new ideas for virtual care

What are Biannual Briefs? 

Biannual Briefs share lessons learned and insights gained by OVC award recipients. They help health centers across the nation improve access to virtual care. They provide ideas and tips for new or improved virtual care.

Series one captures award recipients' first six months. Topics are:

Series two captures awardees’ first 12 months. Topics are:

What are Journey Maps?

Journey Maps describe the problems some patient groups experience with virtual care. They provide strategies for health centers to make virtual care easier to access.

We created four Journey Maps with input from OVC award recipients. Health centers across the nation can use these Journey Maps in their communities.

We also created the Build Your Own Journey Map. This tool helps health centers find ways to make virtual care easier to access for specific groups of patients.

We recommend you begin with the Guide to the Virtual Care Journey Maps (PDF - 218 KB) before looking at each Journey Map.

Read health center stories

Learn more about what OVC award recipients have done with their awards:

Use telehealth references

Review award recipient resources


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