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Engaging with BPHC

BPHC has changed the way we are doing our work so that we can continue to advance the Health Center Program mission and better meet stakeholder needs by increasing the availability and accessibility of key resources, more quickly and effectively providing answers to questions, and increasing opportunities for our customers to meaningfully engage with Bureau staff. Learn how to contact and work with us to improve the nation’s health.

A key part of BPHC’s recent transformation was to change our approach to health center engagement and program oversight. Previously, the staff responsible for these activities were generalists organized by geography with a single Project Officer providing health centers with guidance related to all aspects of the administration of the Health Center Program grant, including program requirements and any supplemental funding awards.  We have now shifted to teams of specialists focused on specific program areas to better support health center program management and performance. For example, a group of Investment Oversight Advisors specializes in supporting awardees to implement COVID-19 funding programs, while a group of Program Specialists focuses on preparing for and conducting operational site visits. By focusing more narrowly, each group can provide better, customized assistance and expertise, and can respond with the answers you need more quickly and thoroughly.

Get the Answers You Need

The recently improved BPHC Contact Form will route your inquiries directly to where they need to go—including to the new specialized teams. This will enable us to more quickly respond to your inquiries with answers and/or additional information. 

Our goal is to acknowledge receipt of your request and fully respond to each inquiry within 1-2 business days. If that isn’t possible due to the inquiry or issue being complex, we will aim to resolve it as quickly as possible.

How Health Centers Can Submit Inquiries

Here is guidance for how health centers can direct inquiries depending on the topic and the urgency of the request:

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My inquiry is...

Get to Know BPHC’s Offices

Learn more about each office’s role in fulfilling BPHC’s mission and how to contact them.

Office of Health Center Investment Oversight (OHCIO) 

Provides oversight of Health Center Program supplemental funding and investments. Teams of Investment Oversight Advisors engage with health centers on the requirements of supplemental funding and offer tailored technical assistance to accelerate health center performance and increase access to equitable health care.

How you reach the teams depends on the supplemental award, as outlined below:

Topic Contact Method
Primary Care HIV Prevention, National Hypertension Control Initiative, and School-Based Service Sites funding BPHC Contact Form 
COVID-19, American Rescue Plan, or Capital funding Email the assigned program contact as listed on your most recent notice of award

Is your question time-sensitive or complex? Email it to: 

Office of Health Center Program Monitoring (OHCPM)

Provides ongoing monitoring of health center H80 awards and look-alike designations to support continuous compliance with program requirements, optimize organizational performance, improve primary care outcomes, and advance health equity.

Teams of Program Specialists engage with health centers on compliance with program requirements in order to promote and support the health center model of care. Reach the teams through the BPHC Contact Form

Is your question time-sensitive or complex? Email it to:

Office of Program Policy & Development (OPPD)

Develops policy guidance that supports health centers’ compliance with Health Center Program requirements and helps them fully leverage the health center model of care to improve health outcomes within their communities. Develops funding strategies that advance health equity and maximizes program impact. 

Use the “Policy” section of the BPHC Contact Form for related questions.

Office of Quality Improvement (OQI)

Advances quality improvement and activates innovation in health centers through new program initiatives, training and technical assistance, strategic partnerships, and program evaluation and research. 
Health centers should contact OQI directly for assistance with the following topics:

Topic Contact Method
Federal Tort Claims Act BPHC Contact Form
UDS Reporting Questions Call 866-837-4357 (866-UDS-HELP) or email 
Quality Improvement Fund awards Email the assigned program contact listed on your most recent notice of award

For Primary Care Associations and national cooperative agreements, please email questions to the assigned program contact listed on your most recent notice of award. Alternatively, use the BPHC Contact Form for your inquiry.

Office of Strategic Business Operations (OSBO)

Optimizes the use of data, technology, and communications to advance operational excellence, maximize efficiency and impact, and promote a shared vision of the Health Center Program.

Use the “Technical Support” section of the BPHC Contact Form for questions related to EHBs.

To request a BPHC representative to speak at an event, or for other inquiries not addressed above, use the General section of the BPHC Contact Form

Stay Up-to-date

We’re continuously improving, and we’ll continue to share additional improvements with you. We encourage you to stay up-to-date so you have the latest information. Here are the main ways we share updates:

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