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View Health Center Program requirements and find links to related resources.

Compliance Manual

The Health Center Program Compliance Manual is the principal resource to assist health centers in understanding and demonstrating compliance with Health Center Program requirements.

Scope of Project

A health center’s scope of project defines a health center’s service sites, services, providers, service areas, and target populations.

Visit these pages to explore the scope of the project and find related resources:

Policy Information Notices & Program Assistance Letters

Policy Information Notices (PINs) define and clarify policies and procedures that HRSA-supported health centers must follow.

Program Assistance Letters (PALs) describe items of significance for health centers, such as HRSA program implementation activities, recently enacted laws, final regulations, and new HHS initiatives.

Visit the PINs/PALs Library.

    Site Visits

    HRSA conducts site visits of health centers, Primary Care Associations, National Training and Technical Assistance Partners, and Health Center Controlled Networks to ensure compliance with program requirements.

    Visit Site Visit Protocols and Guides for an overview of the site visit types and related documents to prepare for a site visit.

    HRSA uses the Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol to perform its oversight of health centers.

    Conditions Library

    The Progressive Action Conditions Library contains the list of conditions applied when a health center fails to demonstrate compliance with Health Center Program requirements.

    Statute & Regulations

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