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Health Center Loan Guarantee Program

The program supports loans to eligible Health Center Program awardees for the construction, expansion, alteration, renovation or modernization of health center medical facilities. Applicants must be active Health Center Program awardees, as defined under section 330 of the Public Health Services Act.

The purpose of the LGP is to support access to capital funding and reduce costs for health centers by guaranteeing up to 80 percent of financing needed for capital infrastructure projects. While there is no limit on loan size, the LGP typically guarantees loans for projects of $5 - $7 million or more. After approving a loan guarantee, HRSA monitors the loan repayment status and assesses the financial health of the health center during the loan’s life.

We accept applications year-round. Interested health centers should complete the BPHC Contact Form and provide the following information:

  • Health center name and H80 Award Number;
  • Anticipated Project Scope;
  • Type of construction (i.e., new construction, renovation, new site, replacement facility);
  • Total project cost;
  • Financing needs and potential lenders; and
  • Timeline and status of project planning and financing.

HRSA will follow up to identify the specific items needed in the formal application.

LGP Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) Integration

The LGP application module is available in the EHBs for submission, technical review, and guarantee approval processes. File all applications electronically via the EHBs. Refer to the Application Module User Guide for details.

Program Resources


Technical Assistance

Capital Link provides technical assistance to health centers for the Loan Guarantee Program.

Visit their Publications webpage for health center and lender fact sheets.

Complete the BPHC Contact Form if you want technical assistance from Capital Link.

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