Uniform Data System Modernization Initiative

In 2016, the Uniform Data System (UDS) Modernization Initiative launched to reduce reporting burden, improve data quality and better describe the impact of Health Center Program services and outcomes. The UDS Modernization Initiative includes three major components:

  • UDS Process Modernization: Streamline the UDS reporting process
    • Streamline, add, or update data elements and pilot changes
  • UDS Content Modernization: Transform the UDS reporting content
    • Conduct impact analysis and pilot changes
  • UDS Governance: Promote transparency and integrate stakeholder feedback
    • Establish a process to facilitate ongoing stakeholder feedback

UDS Process Modernization

The goal of process modernization is to streamline reporting burden by automating data submission, providing new UDS reporting capabilities, enhancing business processes and increasing stakeholder engagement. The expected benefits of the UDS process modernization include:

  • Reduced UDS reporting burden
  • Increased time for health centers to prepare for UDS reporting
  • More stable and reliable UDS reporting experience
  • Improved UDS data to assess quality, operational and financial outcomes

UDS Preliminary Reporting Environment

The UDS Preliminary Reporting Environment (PRE), previously known as the Performance Data Collection Environment (PDCE), is a tool accessed in the Electronic Handbooks (EHB) where health centers can enter UDS data and reporting test validations before the official production environment window opens each year January 1. The PRE is optional and health centers can still choose to enter UDS data in the EHB during the traditional reporting period. The PRE will be available in the Fall of 2018 to support 2018 UDS data reporting.

UDS Content Modernization

The goal of content modernization is to ensure the UDS reflects improvements in patient-centered care and an evolving primary care setting. The expected benefits of UDS content modernization include:

  • Streamlined data extraction and reporting burden
  • Migration from general, aggregated statistics to population health analytics
  • Increased understanding of how health care is delivered
  • Increased understanding of interactions between care models, demographics, and social risk factors

More information will be shared when the pilot that is currently underway provides proposed changes to the UDS.

UDS Governance

UDS governance provides a transparent decision-making process that includes stakeholder engagement to modify the UDS, such as measure selection, information technology enhancements, and reporting improvements. It enables health center grantees and other stakeholders to share feedback and innovative ideas, in addition to the traditional Federal Register Notice process.

UDS Modernization Feedback

Health center grantees and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in UDS governance by asking questions and providing feedback on the UDS Modernization Initiative.

Step 1: Begin by accessing the BPHC Helpline.

Step 2: Fill out the required fields, including Requestor Type. 

Step 3: Select Uniform Data System (UDS) Modernization Initiative from the issue type category.

Step 4: Include a summary of the question or feedback in the Description field. Make sure to include the following background information to enable a comprehensive review:

  • Provide a rationale for question and/or feedback.
  • Describe how the feedback impacts your work (e.g., decreased reporting time, decreased validation).
  • Describe how the feedback enhances data quality usage.
  • Describe how the feedback could be successfully implemented.

Step 5: Submit your question(s) and/or feedback.

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Date Last Reviewed: May 2018


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