Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) University Training Series

CY2019 Host Locations:

FTCA University (FTCAU) is a cutting-edge training conference series that offers technical assistance from government officials, subject matter experts, and leaders in FTCA Health Center Program policy and practices. These two-day conferences provide modern group exercises and interactive presentations to fully immerse participants into FTCA policies and program procedures related to claims management, risk management, and much more. Primary Care Associations (PCAs) are encouraged to participate as FTCAU provides one-on-one technical assistance from FTCA staff who are dedicated to providing clarity on the many program requirements. FTCAU pairs the unique needs of a PCA with experts in FTCA policy, offering an invaluable experience to address statewide and regional needs to help health centers improve patient safety and develop strategies to mitigate clinical risk.

PCA Host Responsibilities

The PCA will be responsible for the following:

  1. Venue and catering needs for attendees (including networking receptions, if applicable);
  2. Presentation/Equipment needs (podium, projector, presentation screen, power cords, electronic hookup for attendees’ laptops, clicker, lapel mic, handheld mic, replacement batteries);
  3. Logistics and associated equipment needs (AV, Broadband/Wi-Fi to accommodate guests, IT set up/onsite IT support);
  4. Comprehensive Marketing Plan to include mode of communication (e.g., monthly meetings, health center website, email announcements), timing (e.g., weekly, biweekly), and announcement type (e.g., save the date, registration information and reminder messages);
  5. Dedicated time for monthly calls, bi-weekly calls a month before the conference, and as needed; and
  6. Follow-up on completion of program evaluation survey by all attendees.

FTCA Division Responsibilities

The FTCA Division will be responsible for the following:

  1. Topic Selection;
  2. Selection of speakers and associated costs including speaker fees, lodging, and travel;
  3. Session materials (agenda, speaker Bios ,presentation materials, and completion certificates); and
  4. Provide support and assistance to the PCA during conference planning.

How to Apply

Complete the FTCAU training proposal form (PDF - 182 KB)

  • Explanation of why hosting an FTCAU in your area will be beneficial to your PCA. FTCAU conferences are designed to meet the specific, identified needs of the PCAs’ health centers. Please provide specific topic areas of interest (e.g., claims management, risk management, general FTCA coverage topics, patient safety, and/ or healthcare quality). It is required that training proposals reflect the assessed training needs of their health centers. Please be sure to include how and why you selected your suggested topics.
  • Create a marketing plan detailing your communication strategies to boost attraction and invite your health centers to participate.
  • Research and provide at least three host venue options and include all costs associated with each.
  • Provide at least four potential FTCAU conference dates between May and September 2019. The dates should reflect availability for a two-day conference. Please note, FTCA reserves the right to select ANY of the proposed dates. If selected, the PCA is obligated to commit to the proposed date selected by FTCA.
  • For your application to be considered, please complete all sections of the training proposal template.

Selection Process Information

  • Each application will be reviewed and rated based on topics, identified needs, location, suggested dates, venue and marketing plan. Previously hosted FTCAU Conferences and FTCA claims will also be taken into consideration.
  • Five locations within the U.S. will be selected.
  • Proposal selection notifications to participate in the FTCAU program will be sent out by October 2018.

Deadline to Apply
The deadline to submit proposals for CY2019 sessions was September 17, 2018, however you may review the information on the right for details on requirements for hosting a session.

Date Last Reviewed:  September 2019

Deadline to Apply

The deadline to submit proposals for CY2019 sessions was September 17, 2018, however you may review the information below for details on requirements for hosting a session.

2019 FTCAU Training Proposal Template (PDF - 182 KB)

FTCAU Proposal Flyer (PDF - 104 KB)

Sample Training Sessions (PDF - 125 KB)

For more information contact us by email at FTCAUniversity@hrsa.gov or call Health Center Program Support @ 877-464-4772.