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Add a Grant to Your EHBs Portfolio

  1. From the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) home page, select the Grants tab.
  2. On the My Grant Portfolio - List page, just below the page title, select the Add Grant To Portfolio button.
  3. On the Add Grant To Portfolio page, select one of the following roles. Follow the instructions.
    • Select Register as Project Director (PD) on the Add Grant To Portfolio page. The PD is responsible for day-to-day aspects of your award. Note: If the name on the Notice of Award (NoA) does not match your EHBs profile name, an error message will appear. Contact us for help to correct your name.

      • Select Continue.
      • On the Register as Project Director – Select Grant page, locate the award and select the Register link. Note: If this grant is already in your portfolio, a page will appear asking you to confirm that you want to change your role from Other to Project Director.
      • On the following page, enter the requested NoA Issue Date and CRS-EIN information. In your latest NoA, the Issue Date is in the upper right corner (where it says Federal Award Date). Enter the Payment System Identifier (#3 under Recipient Information) as the CRS-EIN.
      • Select View Financial Report box if access to financial reports is needed.
      • Select the Certification box and select Save And Continue.
      • The next page confirms you registered the PD and added the award to your portfolio.
    • Select Request Grant Access (I support grant reporting). This is for people other than the PD who will need access to submissions for your award.
      • Select Continue.
      • On the Request Grant Access – Select Grants page, select Request Access for the award.
      • On the Grant Access Request page, enter a comment for why you are requesting access. Select privileges under the options in the Other Grant Privileges section. Then select Request Access.
      • The Grant Access Request Results page confirms the request was sent to the PD as a task to review and approve. Once they approve, you will receive system access and privileges.
  4. If you have more than one award, you must repeat these steps to add each one to your EHBs portfolio.

Note: The Financial Reporting Administrator (FRA) role is no longer available. You now complete financial reports in the Payment Management System (PMS). 

Refer to the Grants SF-425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) Integration into the Payment Management System (PMS) FAQs for more information on the FFR integration into PMS.

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