FY 2020 Primary Care Association COVID-19 Awards

HRSA awarded a total of $5,846,574 in one-time funding for COVID-19 to 52 State and Regional Primary Care Associations (PCAs).

Name State COVID-19 Funding
Alabama Primary Health Care Association, Inc.  AL $75,000
APCA, Inc., dba Alaska Primary Care Association  AK $147,149
Arizona Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.  AZ $146,883
Associacion de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico, Inc.  PR $81,315
Association for Utah Community Health  UT $100,901
Bi-State Primary Care Association  NH, VT $155,336
California Primary Care Association CA $308,995
Colorado Community Health Network  CO $125,642
Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States  CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY $75,000
Community Health Care Association of NY  NY $145,358
Community Health Center Association of Connecticut, Inc.  CT $90,891
Community Health Centers of Arkansas  AR $88,373
Community Healthcare Association, Inc./Community Healthcare Association of the Dakotas, Inc.  ND, SD $124,976
District of Columbia Primary Care Association DC $75,000
Florida Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.  FL $119,939
Georgia Association for Primary Health Care   GA $124,281
Great Basin Primary Care Association   NV $75,000
Hawaii Primary Care Association   HI $95,408
Health Care Association of Nebraska  NE $75,000
Idaho Primary Care Association   ID $89,926
Illinois Primary Care Association  IL $138,303
Indiana Primary Health Care Association  IN $86,092
Iowa Primary Care Association   IA $86,546
Kentucky Primary Care Association, Inc.  KY $75,000
KS Association for the Medically Underserved  KS $80,398
Louisiana Primary Care Assn, Inc.  LA $88,148
MA League of Community Health Centers  MA $166,681
Maine Primary Care Association   ME $102,144
Michigan Primary Care Association MI $124,314
Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers  DE, MD $101,662
Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers  MN $75,000
Mississippi Primary Health Care Association  MS $123,988
Missouri Coalition for Primary Health Care  MO $115,104
Montana Primary Care Association   MT $127,271
NC Community Health Center Association  NC $141,557
New Jersey Primary Care Association NJ $92,926
New Mexico Primary Care Association  NM $106,081
Northwest Regional Primary Care Association AK, ID, OR, WA $100,687
Ohio Primary Care Association  OH $141,977
Oklahoma Community Health Center, Inc.  OK $117,543
Oregon Primary Care Association OR $149,140
Pacific Islands Primary Care Association  AS, GU, MP, MH, FM, PW $75,000
Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers  PA $101,737
Rhode Island Health Center Association RI $75,000
South Carolina Primary Health Care Association  SC $139,640
Tennessee Primary Care Association   TN $108,067
Texas Association of Community Health Centers  TX $181,958
Virginia Primary Care Association, Inc.  VA $153,639
Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers  WA $91,925
West Virginia Primary Care Association, Inc.  WV $90,088
Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association  WI $93,585
Wyoming Primary Care Association WY $75,000
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