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PCA Cooperative Agreements

State or Regional Primary Care Associations (PCAs) deliver training and technical assistance (T/TA) to health centers and look-alikes. This T/TA supports health centers and look-alikes to improve the health of individuals and communities by: 

  • Increasing access to primary health care services;
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse health care workforce;
  • Preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergent health events; 
  • Implementing value-based care delivery and ensuring financial sustainability; and 
  • Accelerating data-informed improvements to operations, clinical quality, and care coordination.

PCA funding authorized by Public Health Service Act, Section 330, as amended (42 U.S.C. 254b). 

On this page:

Why you should apply

We will invest about $68 million to 52 PCAs

Who can apply

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • A domestic public or private, non-profit, or for-profit entity.
  • A community-based organization, tribe, or tribal organization.
  • A new applicant or currently receive PCA funding.

See the NOFO for a full list of criteria.

How to apply

  1. Apply by 11:59 p.m. ET on November 3, 2023 
  2. HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs): Submit supplemental information by 5 p.m. ET on December 4, 2023  

What to review and use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Application aids

Technical assistance resources


If you have a question about: Contact: At:
PCA program or your application PCA Response Team

BPHC Contact Form

  • Under Funding, select Applications for Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs)
  • Select Primary Care Association (PCA) 
Budget Grants Management Specialist Email Vera Windham
EHBs Health Center Program Support BPHC Contact Form

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  • Select Grants Applications Technical Question
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