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QIA-UDS+ Frequently Asked Questions

Read this along with the additional technical assistance resources on the FY 2024 QIA-UDS+ Award.

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General award questions

What is UDS+?

UDS+ is the electronic submission of de-identified patient-level data from health centers to us through automated reporting platforms.

Automating UDS reporting will eventually eliminate the need for you to dedicate the resources required to manually enter UDS data into the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). Such automation simultaneously allows you to submit more granular, specific data about your patient population.

These more detailed, de-identified patient-level data will be critical to advancing the Health Center Program's quality improvement and health outcomes. They can help us tailor efforts to address health disparities and improve patient care.

(Added: 6/20/2024)


Will I need to apply for this supplemental funding, or will you award the funds directly to me?

There will not be an application process.

We will directly award the funding to supplement your active operational (H80) grant. The award notice will include all terms and other reporting requirements for this funding.

(Added: 6/20/2024)

How much will I receive?

We are applying a formula equal to a base amount plus a per-patient amount based on calendar year 2023 Uniform Data System (UDS) patient data.

(Added: 6/20/2024)

Will look-alikes receive this funding?

No. Only HRSA-funded health centers (those that receive an active Health Center Program H80 award) are eligible.

(Added: 6/20/2024)

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