2022 Patient Target Publication Schedule

Annually, HRSA calculates and publishes the patient target for each service area. When patient targets are calculated and published, the Patient Target Team sends a tailored email to the Project Director (PD) and Authorizing Official(s) (AO) registered in EHBs for each HRSA-funded health center. 

Only health centers completing an FY 2023 SAC are directed to review the patient target, although health centers completing an FY 2023 BPR may still request adjustments after consulting with the patient target team.

Budget Period Start Patient Target 
Publication Date
Response Deadline
January 4/7/2022 4/21/2022
February 4/21/2022 5/5/2022
March 5/19/2022 6/2/2022
April 6/16/2022 6/30/2022
May 7/14/2022 7/28/2022
June 8/11/2022 8/25/2022
July 8/11/2022 8/25/2022


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