Site Visit Guides

The Health Center Program Site Visit Guide is the Health Resources & Services Agency's standardized review instrument used to conduct Operational Site Visits and, when appropriate, other types of site visits at health centers. It includes review questions used by the team conducting the site visit to assess compliance with each program requirement, as well as to review progress on clinical and financial performance and capital grants (if applicable), and, when possible, to identify any best practices established by the health center. Health centers also may use this guide to assess compliance with program requirements and to identify clinical and financial performance improvement areas.

The Primary Care Association (PCA) Site Visit Guide is HRSA's standardized review instrument used to review and verify PCA activities, as outlined in their approved work plans and the funding guidance. Additionally, this visit will be used to outline key PCA accomplishments, strengthen the relationship between HRSA and PCAs, and identify promising practices in supporting the training and technical assistance (T/TA) needs of health centers.  PCA site visits will be conducted once every project period by one to two consultants and a site visit report will be shared with the PCA.