Change Accreditation/Recognition Organizations

HRSA strongly encourages health centers to review the information provided on ambulatory health care accreditation and PCMH recognition for each organization prior to submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) and beginning the application process with the accreditation or recognition organization. An accredited health center may change its accreditation status with one organization to another organization within this initiative. HRSA considers this change in status as an initial survey, and requires a new NOI. When changing accreditation or PCMH recognition organizations, HRSA recommends waiting until the health centers current accreditation or recognition expires.

  • The health center must first notify, in writing, the accreditation or recognition organization (that awarded status to the health center) that the health center is ending its status with that organization before submitting a new NOI to HRSA.
  • After notifying the accreditation or recognition organization, the health center may submit an NOI in the same manner as an initial survey; see Notice of Intent.
  • AAAHC and TJC develop re-accreditation schedules for health center site visits far in advance; they schedule initial surveys on a first come, first served basis.

Next Steps after Accreditation and/or Recognition

HRSA encourages health centers to improve health comes, increase health equity and patient satisfaction, and optimize their health care delivery practices. HRSA provides technical support to help health centers maintain accreditation, PCMH recognition, or both.

Accreditation & PCMH Contacts

Please submit your Accreditation and/or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) requests to the health center APCMH team HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer. To make sure you receive our reply email, add '' to your address book.

Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer

The Joint Commission HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer
TJC HRSA Accreditation and Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative
Phone Number: (630) 792-5900

The National Committee for Quality Assurance HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer
NCQA Government Recognition Initiative Program HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer
Phone: (888) 275-7585

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Accreditation and Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative, PAL 2015-02

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Date Last Reviewed:  September 2021