HIV Resources for Health Centers

The resources on this page can be used to support health centers and other safety net providers working to integrate HIV services into their primary care services. HRSA’s Ending the HIV Epidemic web page contains additional resources.

Health Center Program Resources

Partnerships for Care Toolkit

Partnerships for Care (P4C) was a 3-year project (2014-2017) in which health centers partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-funded state health departments in Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, and Florida to boost their delivery of HIV services.

The toolkit below captures the resources, tools, and lessons learned from P4C health centers during the project. All health centers who are interested in applying these promising practices may find it useful. This three-module toolkit includes case studies and vignettes from P4C grantees.


Integrating HIV Care, Treatment & Prevention Services into Primary Care – A Toolkit for Health Centers (PDF - 12 MB)


Writing Effective Policies and Procedures for HIV Service Delivery in Primary Care Settings
Presentation (PDF – 709 KB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 229 KB)

Billing and Coding Community of Practice (CoP)

Engaging Immigrant Refugee Populations
Presentation (PDF – 5.6 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 219 KB)

Engaging and Retaining Older Patients in HIV Services
Presentation (PDF – 1.6 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 133 KB)

Engaging and Linking Young MSM into Health Care
Presentation (PDF – 4.7 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 174 KB)

Ten Things: Creating Inclusive Health Care Environments for LGBT People
Presentation (PDF – 2.3 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 169 KB)

Using the CLAS Standards to Enhance Cultural Competence in Integrated Care
Presentation (PDF – 623 KB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 150 KB)

Continuity of Care for Mobile Patients with HIV/AIDS
Presentation (PDF – 3.5 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 163 KB)

Implementing PrEP in Clinic
Presentation (PDF – 591 KB) | No audio available

Practical Strategies for PrEP Primary
Presentation (PDF – 656 KB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 159 KB)

PrEP Services and Approaches: It’s More Than Just Med
Presentation (PDF – 857 KB) | No audio available

EHR Community of Practice (CoP)

  • CoP #2 – Identifying Data and Reports Needed for Quality Improvement
    Presentation (PDF – 1.3 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 160 KB)
  • CoP #4 – Leveraging Information Systems and Technology to Strengthen Care Coordination and Patient Engagement
    Presentation (PDF – 807 KB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 146 KB)

Motivational Interview (MI) Patient Engagement
Presentation (PDF – 2.2 MB) | Audio | Transcript (PDF – 152 KB)

Multidisciplinary Team-Based Care Community of Practice (CoP)

Southeast Practice Transformation Expansion Project

The Southeast Practice Transformation Expansion Project (SEPTEP) is funded by the Health Center Program in collaboration with HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) Program HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer. SEPTEP’s goal is to advance HIV testing, linkage to care, and prevention at HRSA-funded health centers in the Southeast United States, which has the nation’s highest rates of HIV diagnoses. Learn more about SEPTEP (PDF - 208 KB).


Additional Resources

Partner Resources

Technical Resources


Date Last Reviewed:  June 2019