Health Center Promising Practices


As part of the Health Center Program Quality Improvement (QI) Initiative, HRSA is working with health centers and other partners to build a continuous learning health system that uses data-driven quality improvement practices and shares promising practices and lessons learned. HRSA has committed to share promising practices as one of many strategies for improving diabetes outcomes and lowering health care costs.
The following promising practices highlight innovative programs that health centers and other partners are using to help manage diabetes among their patients. Promising practices will be added continuously, and health centers will soon have an opportunity to submit their own.

The following criteria are used to identify promising practices:

  • Practices must be innovative, beyond the routine activities health centers or partners employ for diabetes management and care.
  • Health center or partner must not have any active conditions.
  • The practice has the potential to be implemented in other health centers or through partners.
  • Health centers must be in the first or second quartile of performance on the Uniform Data System (UDS) diabetes measure.
  • If possible, quantitative and/or qualitative data (e.g., UDS or health center data) are available to demonstrate the effectiveness of the practice.
Date Last Reviewed:  November 2018