Health Center Promising Practices

HRSA works with health centers and other partners to support quality improvement and promote a continuous learning health system. In a learning health system, evidence and experience are used to improve local practices and inform system-wide enhancements. As a result, patients receive higher quality, safer, more efficient care.

To support these efforts, HRSA shares promising practices, health center experiences, and lessons learned. Examples of such practices come from strategic partners, health centers, HRSA staff and project officers, etc.


Care Coordination | Data/Health Information Technology | Diabetes | Food Security | HIV | Oral Health | Substance Use Disorder (SUD) | Telehealth

Care Coordination

The Role of Nurse Navigators in Increasing Cancer Screening Rates (April 2019)

LA Red Health Center, Inc.

Keywords: Preventive Health, HIT/Data
Population: Older Adults
HRSA Region: Region 3 Philadelphia

Building Infrastructure to Improve Quality of Care (August 2018)

Ozarks Community Health Center (Ozarks Resource Group)

Keywords: Capital Development, Clinical Services
Population: Older Adults, Rural
HRSA Region: Region 7 Kansas City

Data/Health Information Technology

Using Data to Improve Patient Health (February 2019)

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.

Population: Asian America, Urban
HRSA Region: Region 2 New York


Onsite Pharmacies Helping Patients Manage Diabetes (April 2019)

Sandhills Medication Foundation (SMF) Health Center

Keywords: Obesity, Pharmaceutical
HRSA Region: Region 4 Atlanta

Using Community Partnerships to Help Manage Diabetes (February 2019)

DFD Russell Medical Centers

Keywords: Obesity
Population: Older Adults, Rural
HRSA Region: Region 1 Boston

Using Prediabetes Screening to Prevent and Diagnose Diabetes (February 2019)

Health Partners of Western Ohio (HPWO) Health Centers

Keywords: Obesity
Population: Rural, Suburban
HRSA Region: Region 5 Chicago

Using Home Visits to Manage Diabetes after a Hurricane (February 2019)

Morovis Community Health Center

Keywords: Obesity, Emergency Preparedness & Response
Population: Rural
HRSA Region: Region 2 New York

Launching Lifestyle Coach Training to Prevent Diabetes (November 2018)

Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers

Keywords: Obesity, Preventive Health, Workforce
HRSA Region: Region 3 Philadelphia

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to Help Control Diabetes (November 2018)

Share Our Selves (SOS) Health Center

Keywords: Obesity, Pharmaceutical
HRSA Region: Region 9 San Francisco

Using Data and Community Health Aides to Manage Diabetes (November 2018)

Southcentral Foundation (SCF) Health Care Organization

Keywords: Obesity, Data/HIT
Population: Tribal, Rural
HRSA Region: Region 10 Seattle

Food Security

Using Partnerships to Combat Food Insecurity (February 2019)

Escambia Community Clinics, Inc.

Population: Suburban
HRSA Region: Region 4 Atlanta


Using EHR Alerts for HIV Testing and Prevention (June 2019)


Keywords: Chronic Disease/HIV/AIDS, Outreach
Population: LGBT, Rural
HRSA Region: Region 6 Dallas/Arkansas

Using Data to Target HIV Outreach (June 2019)

Primary Health Care, Inc. (PHC)

Keywords: Chronic Disease/HIV/AIDS, Outreach
Population: LGBT, Rural
HRSA Region: Region 7 Kansas City/Iowa

Providing HIV Prevention to D.C.’s Most Vulnerable Populations (June 2019)

Whitman-Walker Health

Keywords: Chronic Disease/HIV/AIDS, Outreach
Population: LGBT, Urban
HRSA Region: Region 3 Philadelphia/District of Columbia

Using Integrated Testing and PrEP for HIV Prevention (June 2019)

Kansas City CARE Health Center

Keywords: Chronic Disease/HIV/AIDS, Outreach
Population: LGBT, Urban
HRSA Region: Region 7 Kansas City

Using TelePrEP to Prevent HIV (June 2019)

Iowa Department of Public Health

Keywords: Chronic Disease/HIV/AIDS, Outreach, Pharmaceutical, Telehealth
Population: Rural
HRSA Region: Region 7 Kansas City

Oral Health

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Data Points-Improving Oral Health in Rural Colorado (September 2019)

Clinica Campesina Family Health Services

Keywords: Oral Health, Health Care Quality
HRSA Region: Region 8 Denver

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Using the StreetHealth Team to Treat SUD on the Street (April 2019)

Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless

Keywords: Opioids
Population: Homeless, Urban
HRSA Region: Region 9 San Francisco

Using Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) to Prevent Opioid Overdoses (April 2019)

Daily Planet Health Services

Keywords: Opioids
Population: Homeless, Urban
HRSA Region: Region 3 Philadelphia

Assembling an Interdisciplinary Committee to Improve Controlled Substance Prescribing and Safety (August 2018)

Penobscot Community Health Center (PCHC)

Keywords: Opioids, Pain Management
Population: Suburban
HRSA Region: Region 1 Boston

View more SUD promising practices in the Opioid Special Edition Digest HRSA BPHC exit disclaimer.


Using Telehealth to Improve Quality of Care (June 2019)

Community Health Center, Inc.

Keywords: Health Care Quality
HRSA Region: Region 1 Boston

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  • Quantitative and/or qualitative data when available (e.g., Uniform Data System or health center data) are available to demonstrate the effectiveness of the practice.


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