FY 2019 SAC Service Area Announcement Table

New and competing supplement applicants must enter zip codes in the Service Area Zip Codes field of application Form 5B: Service Sites that are:

  • A combination of service area zip codes where zip code patient percentages total at least 75 percent of the current patients served, or
  • All service area zip codes for the proposed service area, if the sum of all zip code patient percentages is less than 75 percent of the current patients served.


Accessibility Statement:

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in these files. For assistance, contact the BPHC Helpline at: 1-877-974-2742.

1 The project period start date will be the day after the noted project period end date.

2 The City is the current grantee's administrative site location.

3 Shaded zip codes represent the current grantee's defined service area from Form 5B: Service Sites.