FY 2018 SAC Service Area Announcement Table

New and competing supplement applicants must enter zip codes in the Service Area Zip Codes field of application Form 5B: Service Sites that are:

  • Those where at least 75 percent of the current patients reside, or
  • All zip codes listed in the SAAT, if the sum of the "Percentage of Patients from Zip Code" column for a given service area in the SAAT is not at least 75 percent.


Accessibility Statement:

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in these files. For assistance, contact the BPHC Helpline at: 1-877-974-2742.

1 The project period start date will be the day after the noted project period end date.

2 The City is the current grantee's administrative site location.

3 Shaded zip codes represent the current grantee's defined service area from Form 5B: Service Sites.

4 Each zip code and the percentage of patients that reside within have been reported in UDS by the current grantee.