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2014 Health Center Patient Survey Public Use Data File

The 2014 Health Center Patient Survey Public Use Data File contains data from medically underserved populations who use health centers funded under Section 330 of the Public Health Services Act. The survey asked patients about many health-related outcomes, including health conditions, health behaviors, access to health care, and satisfaction with health care.

This is the first time this file is available for download. This file contains data collected from October 2014 through April 2015. 

Data User Agreement 

Note: This file does not include any information that identifies individuals or Health Center Program grantees. The file is designed to provide data for statistical reporting and analysis only. 

Federal law requires the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to present the data in this file in a form that does not permit use of the data alone, or in combination with other available information, to identify any particular patient or health center or particular delivery site. Therefore, as a condition of obtaining access to the data, users agree to: 

  1. Not use the data set alone or in combination with other data to identify any individual or grantee or otherwise link information from this file with information in another data set in a manner that includes the identity of an individual or grantee; 
  2. Upon the request of HRSA, return, delete or otherwise permanently dispose of all copies of the data in the data set that are in their possession; 
  3. When reporting, disclosing, or posting data from the data set, not to identify any individual or grantee; and, 
  4. If reposting the data set or a subset of the data set, require that third-party users of the data adhere to the same conditions above. 

By using these data, you signify your agreement to comply with the conditions stated above. Continued access to these data is dependent upon compliance with such conditions. 

Download the data files at the links below.

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