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Health Center Performance and Impact

We want health centers, like you, to perform the best you can. That’s why we created the following:

A Framework to help you improve performance

The Advancing Health Center Excellence Framework is a way to understand how well your health center performs.

How we organized the Framework

There are seven domains:

  1. Access and affordability
  2. Patient experience
  3. Quality, patient care, and safety
  4. Population health and social determinants of health
  5. Financial sustainability
  6. Workforce
  7. Governance and management

Within each domain, there are four maturity levels. At level one, you’re doing what we require of you. At level four, you’re leading in that area. Health centers may be at different levels in each domain.

Read our fact sheet, Advancing Health Center Excellence (PDF - 1 MB), for details.

How you should use the Framework

Use it to identify:

  • How you’re performing in each domain
  • How you’d like to perform in the future
  • Ways you can reach that future state
  • Specific skills, actions, and resources you need to perform at a higher level

What our next steps are

We’re creating a self-assessment guide and toolkit. These will help you use the Framework to find ways to improve performance and promote health equity. 

We’ll work with health centers and our partners on the guide and the toolkit. When they’re finished, we will host a webinar to introduce these resources. 

How you can reach us

  • Use the BPHC Contact Form.
    Under Health Center Program, select Health Center Program (e.g., Unmet Need Score, Advancing Health Center Excellence Framework).
  • Call 877-464-4772 (select option 1), 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday (except federal holidays)
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