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Sample of Alteration/Renovation of an Existing Facility Budget Justification

Organization Name: HP Clinic (HPC)

Project Type: Alteration/Renovation of an Existing Facility

Project Name: Renovation of HPC

Total ARP-Capital Funding Request = $330,000

Total Project Cost = $331,500

HP Clinic (HPC) proposes alteration and renovation of the service delivery site at the HPC West End Health Center. The project proposes to renovate 4,200 square feet of the building. The space will be reconfigured to provide a more controlled waiting area with better circulation and to improve access to the exam rooms, laboratory space, and patient services. The work will include converting an existing large meeting room into five additional exam rooms to support in- person and telehealth visits, which is needed to increase health center capacity, and removal of a wall to expand the existing laboratory space to enable COVID-19 specimen collection and testing. In addition, we will purchase a generator to provide power to critical equipment. The project also includes minor cosmetic work, including new tile flooring in the exam rooms. All the spaces will be re-painted, and the lighting will be replaced to provide energy efficient lighting in the renovated areas. In addition, clinical and non-clinical equipment will be purchased.

Renovation activities are anticipated to begin within 30 days of obtaining all local approvals and are to be completed within 3 months after the work begins.

The total HPC West End renovation project cost is $331,500. This ARP-Capital application requests $330,000 in funding to cover the majority of the total renovation and equipment costs. The balance of the project costs ($1,500) will be paid for from private contributions.

Line 1— Administrative and legal expenses

$18,000 to pay HPC’s administrative staff costs directly related to this project.

Total:= $18,000

Line 2—Land, structures, right- of-way, appraisals, etc. The current facility is owned by HPC. No additional land is required for this project.  
Line 3—Relocation expenses and payments Although temporary relocation will be required for this project, no costs are anticipated for this classification.  
Line 4— Architectural and engineering fees

$24,500 for the architectural and engineering fees, which will cover the following: mechanical and electrical design; bid renovation/construction documents (plans and specifications); and assistance during the construction bidding (answer questions presented by the contractors).

Total: $24,500

Line 5—Other architectural and engineering fees No other architectural or engineering fees are anticipated for this project.  
Line 6—Project inspection fees $7,500 for project inspection fees. The inspections will be conducted in accordance with the local Department of Public Works standard and building codes.

Total: $7,500

Line 7—Site work $8,500 for exterior site work for renovation of the curb/sidewalk to include handicap accessibility.

Total: $8,500

Line 8—Demolition and removal $10,000 for removal and disposal of interior partitions and materials in the interior of the existing building.

Total: $10,000

$1,500 for abatement of asbestos insulation on existing steam pipes in ceiling.

Total: $1,500

Line 9— Alteration/ Renovation (Construction) $213,900 to renovate 4,200 square feet of existing space.

This renovation cost is derived from the following cost breakdown: structural ($28,000), general construction ($103,500), mechanical

($48,000), and electrical ($34,400).

The structural cost of $28,000 is comprised of the following: creating openings in the existing interior walls, wall bracing, supports and minor modifications to the existing structure.

The general construction cost of $103,500 is comprised of the following: concrete patching work for plumbing; metals (aluminum railings and handrails); woods and plastic (cabinets & casework, shelving, table counter tops); doors and interior windows (metal windows, aluminum doors and frames, high moisture frames, wood doors, door hardware, exterior window shutters, pass and observation window, glazing-laminate exterior); and finishes (ceiling suspension, gypsum board wall partitions) on metal framing, ceramic tiles, seamless, poured-in-place flooring with integrated wall base and accessories, and painting new and existing partitions with easily cleaned paint).

The mechanical cost of $48,000 covers the following: water, sewer, and piping systems (Plumbing fixtures and equipment – lavatory, water closet, sinks, electric water heater); hot and cold water and piping insulation; oxygen piping lines and accessories; replacement of HVAC air filters with new HEPA filters; and fire protection system (fire sprinkler system - steel piping, sprinkler heads, steel hose, and inspector test valve).

The electrical cost of $34,400 includes the following: lighting system (PVC conduit, EMT conduit, lighting fixtures and wiring, light switches and lighting control, wall outlets and wiring); communication system (PVC conduit, EMT, security alarm conduit system); and fire sprinkler system (fire alarm cable, fire alarm heat detector, fire alarm control panel) and an emergency generator system.

Line 10— Equipment $25,000 for clinical equipment;

$11,000 for non-clinical items. See itemized equipment list for additional information.

Total: $36,000 (moveable equipment only; installed equipment items are included in Line 9—Construction costs)
Line 11— Miscellaneous None  

(Allowable and Unallowable Costs)
$318,400 total allowable costs

(Sum of Lines 1 through 11)
$1,500 total unallowable costs

(Sum of Lines 1 through 11)
Line 13— Contingencies $11,600, which is less than 5% of the sum of Lines, 7, 8, and 9 will be included for contingency.  
Line 14— SUBTOTAL $330,000 total allowable costs

(Sum of Lines 12 and 13)
$1,500 total unallowable costs

(Sum of Lines 12 and 13)
Line 15—Project (program) income Not Applicable  

(Allowable and Unallowable)

(Sum of allowable and unallowable costs from Line 14 above)
Line 17— GRANT funding requested

(Note: round to the nearest whole dollar amount)

SEE APPENDIX A: Allowable and Unallowable Costs in the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

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