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Early Childhood Development Frequently Asked Questions

Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Early Childhood Development (ECD) award recipients should read the information on this page as you implement your projects. Additional technical assistance resources are available on the ECD technical assistance webpage.

On this page:

 Budget requirements

Why was ECD funding issued through a new grant number?

ECD funding was issued under a new grant number separate from current Health Center Program operational (H80) grant awards to support tracking of FY 2023 ECD spending. Health centers receiving ECD awards will need to separately track and account for their activities supported through the ECD (H8K) funding.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

If I use ECD funds to purchase a mobile unit, can I also use it for other purposes? 

The primary purpose of mobile units purchased with ECD funds must be to deliver early childhood development services in support of your ECD project. 

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

Is this project covered under the Expanded Authority?

Yes. The ECD funding is covered under the Expanded Authority because it is part of the Health Center Program funding. As such, the same standard terms and conditions apply to the ECD funding.

(Added: 8/9/2023)

Project overview form

Why is “team-based care coordination” a required activity area?

ECD services require a team-based approach to ensure coordination across multiple providers that assess and support childhood development within health centers and across community settings. Team-based care coordination supports the delivery of safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, culturally competent, and equitable ECD services.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 


May I use ECD funding to increase the FTE of an existing staff member who is currently less than 1.0 FTE?

Yes. You may use ECD funding to increase the FTE of an existing staff member as long as the staff member does not exceed 1.0 FTE across all awards. Personnel compensation must align with your existing written policies and procedures and 45 C.F.R. § 75.430.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

Can I use ECD funding for recruitment incentives to secure qualified personnel for this project?

Yes. Recruitment incentives may be part of a salary package supported by ECD funding, if consistent with your health center’s standard practice. Any incentives should be covered through your indirect cost rate, if applicable. If you do not have an indirect cost rate agreement, recruitment incentives may be charged as direct costs.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

Can I use ECD funding to pay recruitment agency fees?

Yes. Costs or fees associated with an outside recruitment agency to hire personnel to support the ECD project are allowed.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

Scope of project

Can I make changes to my scope of project throughout the ECD period of performance?

Yes, you may submit a change in scope (CIS) request through EHBs, including scope adjustment or formal CIS. We recommends that you submit such requests 60 days before implementing a change. You must receive approval for any necessary change in scope requests before you implement the change(s).

(Added: 8/9/2023)

What resources are available if my ECD project requires a change in scope?

See the scope of project resources available at the Scope of Project webpage for more information). Contact the ECD Investment Team if you plan to submit a change in scope request and include any questions you have by completing the BPHC Contact Form (under Funding, select Supplemental Grant Award, then ECD). 

(Updated: 8/9/2023) 


What number do I include when reporting on the assistance with accessing appropriate follow-up services measure?

You will report on the number of children who receive assistance within 30 days of a developmental screening identifying an area of concern. 

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

What are some examples of appropriate follow-up services?

Examples of appropriate follow-up services include but are not limited to early intervention, developmental evaluation, service coordination/case management, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, hearing and vision services, food and nutrition services, home visiting services, early learning programs, special instruction/family training, support groups, parent-child mental health services, and other referral and follow-up services.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

How will you determine if my health center can continue to receive ECD funding after the 2-year period of performance?

You will report on a developmental screening measure and an assistance with accessing appropriate follow-up services measure. We will determine if you will receive ongoing funding based on your progress on these measures as well as based on information from semi-annual progress reports and availability of future funds to support ECD.

We will collect baseline information on the developmental screening measure in your 2023 UDS report and measure progress from the baseline data through your 2024 UDS report. We will collect baseline information on the assistance with accessing appropriate follow-up services measure through your Non-Competing Continuation Progress Report and measure progress from the baseline data through your Follow-Up Assists Data Report.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 


How does a developmental screening differ from a routine well-child visit?

Well-child visits deliver comprehensive preventive health services and occur at specific intervals (PDF - 442 KB). They include services and screenings such as physical examination, monitoring of growth and developmental milestones, and provision of recommended immunizations. While developmental surveillance is recommended at all visits, screening for developmental milestones is recommended during well-child visits at 9, 18, and 30 months, and if a concern is noted at 18 and/or 24 months to screen for autism spectrum disorder.

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

Can I assist patients with accessing appropriate follow-up within the health center?

Yes. You may assist patients with accessing appropriate follow-up services that you provide directly within your health center or follow-up services that are provided by another organization on behalf of your health center via a formal contract/agreement. 

(Added: 2/10/2023) 

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