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NTTAP Sample Staffing Plan

The fiscal year (FY) 2023 National Training and Technical Assistance Partner (NTTAP) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Attachment 2: Staffing Plan should be displayed as a table and include all personnel supported under the NTTAP cooperative agreement. For each position supported in full, or in part, with federal funding, include the following:

  • Position Title (e.g., Chief Executive Officer)
  • Staff Name (If the position is currently vacant, indicate “To Be Determined”)
  • Education and Experience Qualifications
  • General NTTAP Project Responsibilities
  • Percentage of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) dedicated to NTTAP project
  • Annual Salary (at 100% FTE)

The partial sample Staffing Plan shown is for reference only. 

Sample Staffing Plan Excerpt

Position Title Staff Name Education and Experience Qualifications General NTTAPs Project Responsibilities Current Percent FTE Annual Salary
Chief Executive Officer L. Minjarez MBA and 15 years of experience in executive management and leadership Responsible for NTTAP strategic direction and oversight of the NTTAP team’s management and delivery of T/TA  15 $225,000
Program  Director P. Singh MPH and 15 years of experience in program management Responsible for day-to-day NTTAP operations, including program oversight, and quality assurance 50 $125,000
T/TA Director R. Perez BA and CHES with 10 years of experience in MSAW programs Lead responsible for T/TA development and dissemination   100 $125,000
Project Manager J. Jones BA with 2 years of experience in data analysis Responsible for program coordination with health centers and other T/TA providers. Also responsible for program management and oversight of T/TA contracts   100 $90,000


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