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FY 2024 PCA NOFO: Sample Staffing Plan


Your application submission must include a complete staffing plan with an effective date of July 1, 2024. The plan must present and justify all staff required to execute the project. The sample below is for reference only. You may use it as a guide to help you develop your submission. 

Looking for more instructions on what to include in your contracts and agreements summary? See Attachment 2: Staffing Plan in the Notice of Funding Opportunity on the PCA TA webpage

Sample staffing plan excerpt

Position Title Staff Name Education and Experience Qualifications Responsibilities on the PCA project Reporting Relationship Percent FTE Annual Full-time Base Salary (1.0 FTE)
Chief Executive Officer L. Minjarez MBA and 15 years of experience in executive management and leadership Responsible for strategic direction and oversight of the project team’s management and delivery of T/TA. Reports to the board chair and to the PCA’s governing board.  15 $225,000
Program Director P. Singh MPH and 15 years of experience in program management Responsible for day-to-day program operations, including program oversight, and quality assurance. Reports to the CEO; in an absence of the CEO, the program director reports directly to the interim CEO or the PCA’s governing board chair. 50 $125,000
T/TA Director  R. Perez BA and CHES with 10 years of experience in MSAW programs Responsible for T/TA development and dissemination. R. Perez serves as the Special Populations subject matter expert. The responsibilities include overseeing the activities to address the unique health care needs and barriers to care for statutorily defined special populations for the health centers within the state or region. Also serves as a point of contact for HRSA.  Reports to the Program Director 100 $125,000
Project Manager J. Jones BA with 6 years of experience in data analysis, program development, and program implementation Responsible for program coordination with health centers and other T/TA providers. Also responsible for program management and oversight of T/TA contract. Reports to the T/TA Director.  100 $90,000
Data Analyst J. Rodriguez MS with 4 years of experience in data gathering, data management, data security, and data confidentiality.  Responsible for monitoring changing priorities for the organization’s new and ongoing projects. Informs the CEO, T/TA Director, Program Director, and Program Manager on organizational and project priorities. Also serves as a point of contact for HRSA. Reports to the Project Manager  100 $115,000
Workforce Lead C. Pepper BA with 4 years of experience in recruitment, retention, and health professions pipeline development. Oversee the activities related to HP-ET and other workforce funding. Reports to the Project Manager 100 $50,000


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