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Quality Improvement Fund – Maternal Health

Fiscal year (FY) 2023 Quality Improvement Fund-Maternal Health (QIF-MH) funding supports health centers to improve maternal health and reduce racial and ethnic maternal health disparities. 

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FY 2023 QIF-MH funding supports health centers to partner with patients and the community to:

  • Develop and pilot innovative, patient-centered, scalable models of care delivery;
  • Address the clinical and health-related social needs of health center patients; and 
  • Improve maternal health indicators.

QIF-MH award recipients are engaged in peer learning and evaluation activities with other QIF-MH award recipients. The QIF-MH program also supports health centers to systematically design, implement, and evaluate ways to improve maternal health outcomes across the entire Health Center Program.

Quality Improvement Fund

FY 2023 QIF-MH one-time funding is part of the Health Center Quality Improvement Fund (QIF). The QIF is a unique funding opportunity that supports health centers to pilot and test new ideas. Health centers propose solutions to improve primary care in a collaborative, quality improvement-centered environment. QIF funding allows health centers to test out new ideas, learn from each other, and transform primary care delivery for the patients and communities they serve. Solutions developed with QIF funding can be shared and scaled across the Health Center Program.

For information on other QIF awards, please see the Optimizing Virtual Care webpage



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FY 2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity NOFO (PDF - 512 KB)

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