Fiscal Year 2021 National Training and Technical Assistance Partners Non-Competing Continuation Progress Report: Sample Staffing Plan

Instructions for Completing the Staffing Plan

The fiscal year (FY) 2021 National Training and Technical Assistance Partners (NTTAP) Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Progress Report requires an updated Staffing Plan (submitted as Attachment 3) only if revisions have been made since the Staffing Plan was last submitted. Use this sample Staffing Plan document for reference only.

If the staffing plan has changed since you submitted your FY 2020 NTTAP application (e.g., new staff hired), or is forecasted to change prior to June 30, 2021, upload a revised staffing plan.

The Staffing Plan must include the following elements for any change in personnel supported, in full or in part, with NTTAP federal funding:

  • Position Title (e.g., Chief Executive Officer)
  • Staff Name (If the position is currently vacant, indicate “To Be Determined”)
  • Education and Experience Qualifications
  • General NTTAP Project Responsibilities
  • Percentage of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) dedicated to NTTAP project, and
  • Annual Salary (annual salary at 100% FTE)
  • Date the change was effective or is forecasted

Sample NTTAP Staffing Plan Excerpt

Position Title Staff Name Education and Experience Qualifications General NCA Project Responsibilities Percent FTE Annual Salary Effective or Forecasted Date
Chief Executive Officer L. Minjarez MBA and 15 years of experience in executive management and leadership Responsible for day-to-day NCA operations, provides strategic direction in management of organization and delivery of T/TA 50 $195,000 Increased from 40% to 50% FTE effective October 1, 2020
Program Lead P. Singh MPH and 6 years of experience in program management Lead T/TA trainer and  developer, responsible for program management and oversight of T/TA contracts 70 $93,000 no change
Program Coordinator R. Perez BA and CHES with 10 years of experience in MSAW programs T/TA developer responsible for program coordination with health centers and other T/TA providers 90 $80,000 no change
Data Specialist J. Jones BA with 2 years of experience in data analysis Provides analysis and support for NCA Data Program 50 $45,000 Forecasted change from 25% to 50% FTE effective February 1, 2021


Date Last Reviewed:  December 2020