Change in Scope (CIS) Checklists


This page provides previews of several of the new Change in Scope (CIS) checklists that will go live in the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) in November 2016.


Based on health center feedback and comprehensive internal reviews, HRSA is revising the Health Center Program Change in Scope (CIS) module to improve clarity, reduce redundancy, and simplify the process for a health center to request changes to its scope of project.

HRSA’s goal is to make improvements that balance our responsibility to consistently review and evaluate changes to scope with a shared desire to streamline the process.

Key Changes

  • Updated questions, or “checklists,” health centers must answer as part of a Change in Scope request, with a goal of improving clarity and efficiency.  The following key revisions and enhancements, which do not constitute a change in Health Center Program policy, have been made to the CIS module:
    • removed redundant questions related to Program Requirements and  clearly identified the information HRSA needs to conduct a timely review of the request;
    • revised assurances section of the checklists, clarifying responsibilities of the health center in submitting a change in scope request; and
    • removed financial questions and aligned CIS budget changes with annual application processes.
  • Streamlined HRSA’s internal review processes.

Checklist Previews


Form 5A: Services

Form 5B: Service Sites

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