Notice of Intent Review and Approval

Interested health centers must notify HRSA of their intent to participate by submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) in the HRSA EHBs. In the EHBs, go to the Grant Folder and click the 'HRSA Accreditation/PCMH Initiative' link. For assistance in completing an NOI through the EHBs, please refer to the HRSA EHBs NOI training presentation (PDF - 564 KB)

  • Health centers must select the appropriate accreditation or recognition organization when completing the NOI. For more information on selecting an accreditation or recognition organization, review the comparison charts and participation costs.
  • Health centers seeking NCQA PCMH recognition will need to provide information on the total number of sites requesting recognition.

HRSA reviews the NOI for completeness and organizational readiness. Health centers should allow 2 to 4 weeks for HRSA to complete the review and approve the NOI

HRSA forwards an approved NOI to the appropriate accreditation or recognition organization for processing.

AAAHC, TJC, or NCQA will contact health centers directly to begin an application process for accreditation, PCMH recognition, or both.

Application Next Steps

Once a health center has been contacted by their selected accreditation or recognition organization, they should begin to prepare for their accreditation site visit or recognition survey.

Date Last Reviewed:  November 2018

More Accreditation & PCMH Recognition

PCMH Resource Center (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Accreditation & PCMH Contacts

Please submit your Accreditation and/or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) requests to the health center APCMH team. To make sure you receive our reply email, add '' to your address book.

Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care HRSA exit disclaimer
Mona Sweeney
(847) 324-7487

The Joint Commission HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Pam Komperda
(630) 792-5551

NCQA Government Recognition Initiative Program HRSA Exit Disclaimer
(888) 275-7585