Strategic Partnerships

HRSA’s strategic partnerships build and promote relationships between federal and non-federal entities to provide high quality, innovative, and coordinated training and technical assistance (T/TA) to health centers. Strategic partners at the national, state, and regional levels support improved quality and operational outcomes across the Health Center Program by:

  • Overseeing and developing  Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) grants, National Cooperative Agreements (NCAs), Primary Care Association (PCA) cooperative agreements, and TA consultant contracts;
  • Promoting data-driven, cutting-edge, and cost-effective T/TA resources and services across health centers;
  • Enhancing the understanding of key policy and programmatic issues impacting health centers; and
  • Strengthening and expanding internal and external partnerships with BPHC, HRSA, HHS, and other federal entities for quality improvement impact.

Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs)

HCCNs are groups of health centers working together to improve clinical practices by making health information technology easier for patients and providers to use, increasing the security of patient information and using data to improve patient care.  The networks help health centers to improve value-based care.

National Cooperative Agreements

National Cooperative Agreements (NCAs) are formed with national organizations that receive HRSA funds to help health centers and look-alikes improve quality and operational performance outcomes.

Primary Care Associations

Primary Care Associations (PCAs) are state or regional nonprofit organizations that use HRSA funds to provide training and technical assistance to safety-net providers.

National Advisory Council on Migrant Health

The National Advisory Council on Migrant Health advises, consults, and makes recommendations to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the HRSA Administrator, concerning the organization, operation, selection, and funding of migrant health centers and other entities assisted under section 330(g) of the Public Health Service Act.

Date Last Reviewed:  July 2019

Request Technical Assistance

Health centers are eligible to receive technical assistance from a National Cooperative Agreement.

Contact the project officer listed in your Notice of Grant Award to request NCA TA.

Questions about NCAs? Send to

Technical Assistance Calendar

Health Center Resource Clearinghouse

Find technical assistance resources relevant to health centers at the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse. Priority topics include: diabetes, behavioral health/SUD, special & vulnerable populations, HIT/data, finance, workforce and many more. The site is searchable by keyword, topic area, type of resource, and other search fields. Ask questions about resources and get connected with our technical assistance (TA) partners.