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About the Health Center Program

Learn about the Health Center Program and the partnerships that support it.

Where health centers are located

We fund about 1,400 health centers, which run more than 15,000 service sites. They are in all U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia. You can find them in cities, rural areas, and everywhere in between.

Use the Find a Health Center tool to locate a health center clinic near you.

What impact health centers have

Health centers have been a key part of the nation’s health care system for nearly 60 years. In 2022, health centers served more than 30.5 million people.

Learn about the impact of the Health Center Program.

Through their own stories, learn how health centers promote public health and provide care in underserved areas.

How we monitor health centers

We monitor health centers to ensure they meet high standards and help their patients achieve better health. Health centers must follow all Health Center Program requirements.

How to become a health center

Learn how to become a health center. You can apply for Health Center Program funding or designation as a look-alike.

Benefits of being a health center

HRSA-funded health centers and look-alikes share the same benefits, with three exceptions. Only HRSA-funded health centers can get:

  • Program funding
  • Medical malpractice liability coverage under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)
  • Federal loan guarantees for capital improvements
Benefits Funded health center Look-alikes
HRSA grant funding Yes No
FTCA coverage Yes No
Loan Guarantee Program Yes No
Reimbursement at the Federally Qualified Health Center rate Yes Yes
Drug discounts (340B Drug Pricing Program) Yes Yes
Free vaccines for some children (Vaccines for Children Program) Yes Yes
Help finding and keeping primary care providers (National Health Service Corps) Yes Yes
Training and technical assistance Yes Yes

Strategic partnerships

We invest in cooperative agreements and grants to more than 100 partners that provide training and technical assistance for health centers.

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