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Eligibility Requirements For Look-Alike Initial Designation Applicants

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Primary Reviewer: Governance/Administrative Expert

Secondary Reviewer: N/A

Authority: Sections 1861(aa)(4)(b) and 1905(l)(2)(B) of the Social Security Act.

Health Center Program Look-Alike Initial Designation Application Instructions & Resources

Documents the Health Center Provides

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Is this a Look-Alike Initial Designation Site Visit?

    Response is either: Yes or No

    NOTE: If “No” was selected, NONE of the questions in this Look-Alike Initial Designation section are applicable.

​Select each section below for the corresponding text of the eligibility requirement, site visit team methodology, and site visit finding questions.


1. Health centers may choose to provide samples of patient records before or during the site visit. If patient records will be provided during the site visit, this should be communicated to the site visit team before the site visit to avoid any disruption or delay in the site visit process.

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