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Site Visit Tools

SVP tools to assist health centers prepare for a site visit:

Additional tools are added as they become available.

Virtual OSV Supplement

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HRSA/BPHC implemented the use of technology to conduct virtual site assessments. As the pandemic continues, HRSA/BPHC continues to conduct site assessments virtually through virtual Operational Site Visits (vOSV). To support the continuation of virtual site visits, HRSA developed virtual site visit supplements to the Site Visit Protocol (SVP) to help health centers and Look-alike Initial Designation applicants preparing for virtual site assessments. Virtual site assessments will be conducted using the SVP and the information in these supplements.

Health Center Program Compliance Manual

HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) is responsible for effective and efficient oversight of the Health Center Program. This includes ensuring that health centers are compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements for the Health Center Program. The Health Center Program Compliance Manual is the principal resource to assist health centers in understanding and demonstrating compliance with Health Center Program requirements. View the Health Center Program Compliance Manual.

Progressive Action Conditions Library

Health centers that fail to demonstrate compliance as described in the Health Center Program Compliance Manual will receive a condition of award/designation. The Health Center Program uses a standard set of conditions outlined in the Progressive Action Conditions Library that describes how health centers can demonstrate compliance with health center program requirements. View the Progressive Action Conditions Library.

Archived Site Visit Protocol

Need to access an archive copy of the Site Visit Protocol that was effective May 2022 to April 2023? Submit a request through the BPHC Contact Form, and select: “Site Visit Protocol General Inquiry.”

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